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ravenheart 07-02-2007 01:05 AM

Mustasch - Latest Version of The Truth
Melodic rock/metal is doing rather well in Sweden at the moment, and Mustasch are gaining quite a following as they progress with this, their fourth full-length album and its lead single [i]Double Nature[/i].

Having come to the end of their contract with EMI in Sweden, Mustasch decided to attempt to spread their music and appeal further afield. They began by self-releasing a new EP, [i]Parasite![/i], throughout Scandinavia in 2006. The EP did quite well in the region and helped them secure a worldwide record deal with Regain Records, for whom [i]Latest Version of The Truth[/i] is their first release.

Describing Moustaschís sound is difficult. At times vocalist/guitarist Ralf Gyllenhammar can sound like JB ([b]Grand Magus[/b]/[b]Spiritual Beggars[/b]), Michael Poulsen ([b]Volbeat[/b]), Ian Astbury ([b]The Cult[/b]) and (). And at times none of them. The most similar band in terms of sound is possibly [b]Gotthard[/b], although Mustaschís riffs tend to be heavier and their equally-hooky choruses more aggressive.

There are in fact a lot of different styles and sounds on this album, making it a non-stop interesting listen. [i]I Wanna Be Love[/i], for instance, sounds like The Cult through the verses, then the chorus crashes in with the albumís heaviest riff. Half-way through the mood changes, as the drums, riffing and vocals in turn become more aggressive. The closest we get to a power ballad is [i]Bring Me Everyone[/i], which is acoustic in the verses, but has an expansive, powerful and heavy chorus. Then the use of strings on [i]Double Nature[/i], [i]Forever Begins Today[/i] and progressive closer [i]The End[/i] produce the albums highlights.

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