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ADD 06-17-2007 02:06 PM

Year Of Desolation -- Year Of Desolation

[SIZE="4"][B]YEAR OF DESOLATION-[/B] [I]Year Of Desolation[/I][/SIZE] [SIZE="4"](Prosthetic Records)[/SIZE]

Usually when I check out an album after reading doing my background research on it I have a pretty good idea of what I'm in store for, and therefore I expect I will like it. This has generally helped me sift through the plethora of mediocre music out there. Unfortunately, we all make mistakes, and YEAR OF DESOLATION's self-titled sophmore album was definitely one of those. Hailed as one of the brightest new "thrash" bands around, and landing a spot on the roster of the reputable Prosthetic Records, I expected at the least something resembling quality thrash metal. Well, I suppose this could be considered thrash......if bands like SANCTITY, UNEARTH, and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER are thrash as well. This album is nothing more than a frighteningly run-of-the-mill metalcore album with perhaps a tinge more metal than core; simply not the kind of music that's gonna cut it. It's not worth the effort to go on much longer, everyone has heard this done before under a different guise. Simply avoid. At least now I know to be more wary when looking outside of the usual underground circles for thrash metal.

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