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Spiral_Slave 03-31-2007 03:20 PM

Kamelot -- Helmond, Netherlands -- March 30th, 2007
Here is the setlist for the second date of the tour, in the correct order.

01. When The Lights Are Down
02. Soul Society
03. Mourning Star
04. Nights Of Arabia
05. This Pain
06. Abandoned
07. New Song ( Instrumental )
08. Center Of The Universe
09. Human Stain
10. Descent Of The Archangel
11. Keyboard Solo
12. Lost And Damned
13. Forever w/ singalong
14. Ghost Opera
15. Wander
16. Karma
17. March Of Mephisto

*** The Haunting was on the setlist but was crossed out and replaced with Lost And Damned.

Wander? Lost And Damned? Descent Of The Archangel? I'm pissed I'm not seeing them on this tour! :mad:

Div 03-31-2007 07:15 PM

They never play III Ways To Epica :bawling:

Maiden33 03-31-2007 07:25 PM

[QUOTE=Div;150692]They never play III Ways To Epica :bawling:[/QUOTE]

I hear that, and too bad... great song.

But hey, Wander and Lost and Damned are back, so good things there.

But son of a bitch, I'm gonna say it. March of Mephisto sucks, and is my least favorite song off The Black Halo, and I like it less than any song of Epica and Karma. If they close with it when I see them in August I'm gonna be pissed.

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