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Fe Maiden 03-10-2007 04:59 AM

Brad Delp R.I.P.
Brad Delp the lead singer of Boston has left us. While most of you here most likely don't care for Boston, they were an important part of my younger days and I still enjoy their music a bunch. R.I.P. Brad:light:

DethMaiden 03-10-2007 05:26 AM

:light: R.I.P.

sylpriest 03-10-2007 05:45 AM

:snivel: One of the greatest debut albums ever bar none! You'll be missed

SomewhereInTime72 03-10-2007 07:02 AM

:( RIP. He was a great singer.

HECHO EN MEXICO 03-10-2007 12:31 PM


JRA 03-10-2007 06:20 PM

"More than a Feeling...":D

Fe Maiden 03-19-2007 02:18 PM

How sad, heard he committed suicide :hecho:

Voodoo 03-19-2007 02:21 PM

[QUOTE=Fe Maiden;148720]How sad, heard he committed suicide :hecho:[/QUOTE]

Sad indeed. The first three Boston albums are quite enjoyable. those albums have always put me in a good mood.

SirLardsAlot 03-19-2007 11:36 PM

Really a shame. I've gotten really into classic rock over the past year and a half, seeing as at my work I would only allow the classic rock station to be on. And Boston was, is, just one of those great bands that you can always sing to and know the words of every song.

Great band, Delp was an awesome vocalist, R.I.P.

SomewhereInTime72 03-20-2007 05:24 AM

That's terrible. :snivel:

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