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es156 02-26-2007 04:33 PM

BLACK SABBATH - 'The Devil Cried' Single Streaming Online
Source: [URL="http://www.bravewords.com/news/61185"]Brave Words[/URL]

ADD 02-26-2007 04:35 PM

Listening :party:

EDIT: Fail.

Div 02-26-2007 04:48 PM

Eh, medicore.

It's got that sabbath flavor, but was a bit too bombastic. The lyrics could have been better too.

powerslave_85 02-26-2007 04:56 PM

Ugh. I didn't even make it through the whole thing.

KerryKingsBeard 02-26-2007 04:56 PM

Yeah, basically a mix of recent-Dio and Dehumanizer

ADD 02-26-2007 04:58 PM

Ronnie's voice alone is worth listening too though always, no matter what the hell he's singing about, his voice is just fucking superb.

But Tony, dammit, wtf :hecho:

JRA 02-26-2007 05:24 PM

[QUOTE=KerryKingsBeard;146052]Yeah, basically a mix of recent-Dio and feces.[/QUOTE]


You guys weren't actually expecting the second coming of Children Of The Sea were you?

DethMaiden 02-26-2007 05:29 PM

Quite like Master of the Moon stuff, but pretty doomy. I won't mind if they play it live.

Spiral_Slave 02-26-2007 05:33 PM

Wow, I liked it. :eyes:

SomewhereInTime72 02-26-2007 05:35 PM

This is... alright. :eyes:

The lyrics are terrible though. :hecho:

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