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hot_turkey_ed 02-15-2007 01:12 AM

EDD-FEST (More On Iron Maiden In India And 2007 Tour)
From Iron Maiden


[i]Following their phenomenally successful new album and sold-out tour late last year of arena's around the world, Iron Maiden are announcing a series of headline stadium and festival appearances in March and June of this year.

Always keen to take Metal to new places, Maiden will for the first time ever play in India, on the spectacular grounds of Bangalore’s Palace on Saturday 17th March, marking the first time a major metal band has ever played in the subcontinent...

Iron Maiden’s new album, ‘A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH’ reached No 2 in the Indian album charts after debuting at No 4, which is believed to be the highest chart position in India ever for any rock act. Maiden will be the first to bring in a full massive western style stage production - air freighting in almost 20 tons of backline equipment and their huge stage Production for this one show.

Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson commented “To say we’re all really looking forward to going to Bangalore is something of an understatement. It’s very special to us to be able play to new fans in countries we’ve never been to before, and we hear the Indian fans are very loud and into their metal. The whole trip will be an exciting time for us and we intend to enjoy every moment there. The fans should know that we are bringing the whole stage show we used in Europe and America and that Eddie will definitely be joining us! We are crafting a special set to include both songs from A Matter of Life and Death and a load of other favorites. It promises to be an absolutely amazing atmosphere playing outdoors in front of the palace.”

A spokesman from the promoters DNA Networks explained, “As this is the first show ever in India to feature three other acts in addition to an international headliner, it will be our first ever festival of sorts and as such an historic occasion. As the setting is the beautiful open site in the palace grounds we thought the occasion should be marked with a special name so we are calling the event ‘EDD-FEST’. We are confident that Maiden and ‘EDD-FEST' will encourage more Western bands in the future to join us and play here in India, something which would greatly please the huge number of Rock fans in this country. The appearance on the bill of Britain's Lauren Harris will also be the first time Indian fans will have seen a rock band fronted by a girl"

Another new territory for the band to visit is Dubai in the United Arab Emirates where they will headline the Desert Rock Festival on Friday 9th March. This is the 4th Desert Rock Festival and is an event which has grown steadily in stature and Iron Maiden will be the biggest act to headline the festival to date. It is expected to be the most succcessful yet. Maiden's new album was Top 5 in Arabia.

Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood comments "Going right back to 1985 and tours behind the old Iron Curtain, particularly Poland, Maiden have always enjoyed blazing the trail taking metal to new fans all over the world. We have wanted to play in India for some time and the success of the new album persuaded us to interrupt our break and go there in March. We were also invited to play in Beijing and Shanghai in China but Eddie was concerned about restrictions relating to choice of songs and artwork so we are leaving that to a later time. In June we are going into some Eurpean territories we didn’t get chance to play last time and to places like the UK, Germany, Italy and Holland where the late 06 arena shows got nowhere near satisfying the demand for tickets. As most of these dates are outdoors we will adjust the set to include more of the classics suited to an outdoor party atmosphere, along with selected songs from A Matter of Life and Death. We will of course be taking the full stage production with us everywhere along with Eddie who has kindly agreed to delay his holidays!. It promises to be a hugely enjoyable series of dates"

Dates announced so far are as below.

March 2007
Fri 9th - Dubai Desert Rock Festival, UAE
Sun 11th - Faliro Pavilion Arena, Athens, Greece
Wed 14th - Belgrade, Serbia
Sat 17th - Bangalore, Bangalore Palace, India

June 2007
Wed 6th - Ostrava Banik Football Stadium, Ostrava, Czech Republic
Fri 8th - Sudweststadion , Ludwigshafen, Germany
Sun 10th - Download Festival , Donington Park, England
Thu 14th - Heineken Jammin Festival, Venice, Italy
Sat 16th - Fields of Rock Festival, Zwolle, Holland
Sun 17th - MSV Stadium, Duisburg, Germany
Wed 20th - Olympic Stadium, Rome, Italy
Sat 23rd - Graspop Festival, Dessel, Belgium[/i]

ChildrenofSodom 02-15-2007 04:16 AM

Cricket? :lol: :lol: :lol:

DethMaiden 02-15-2007 04:28 AM

And then back to the U.S. by August to play a set dominated by earlier material!

hot_turkey_ed 02-15-2007 11:56 AM

[QUOTE=DethMaiden;144531]And then back to the U.S. by August to play a set dominated by earlier material![/QUOTE]

Have you read something or is this wishing thinking?

Fe Maiden 02-15-2007 12:07 PM

[QUOTE=DethMaiden;144531]And then back to the U.S. by August to play a set dominated by earlier material![/QUOTE]We Hope!!!!

DethMaiden 02-15-2007 12:09 PM

[QUOTE=hot_turkey_ed;144544]Have you read something or is this wishing thinking?[/QUOTE]

Just wishful thinking :D ;)

DreamEvil001 02-16-2007 08:19 AM

took me a minute to realize it was cricket...

that looks stupid:tongue:

Div 02-16-2007 09:08 AM

:hecho: Cricket?!? That's the best they could do for India?

The only way this Eddie could have been any worse is if they had him sitting at a Dell tech support hotline.

es156 02-16-2007 09:15 AM

The only way this Eddie could have been any worse is if they had him sitting at a Dell tech support hotline.[/QUOTE]

Nice one! :lol:

Unfortunately Dell is not the only company with that problem. :mad:

JRA 02-16-2007 09:23 AM

I think the tour poster should have been Eddie sitting at a dinner table about to eat a steak.

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