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hot_turkey_ed 08-26-2004 07:43 PM

Slayer -- Marysville, CA -- July 30th, 2004
Darkness of Christ
War Ensemble
Mandatory Suicide
Hollowed Point
Stain of Mind
Dead Skin Mask
Seasons into the Abyss
Post Mortem
Raining Blood
South of Heaven
Angel of Death

Butcher of Birth 09-07-2009 11:15 AM


ijwthstd 09-07-2009 11:46 AM

I remember hoping San Diego would get a non-Ozzfest Priest/Slayer date but I ended up making it to Devore with an awesome seat and talking my friend into staying thru all of Sabbath so I wouldn't get stranded.

jhdeity 09-08-2009 04:14 AM

Hollowed Point

Great song! Even better live...

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