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jeremysaal 11-28-2006 12:05 PM

Napalm Death -- Chicago, IL -- November 27th, 2006
Last night I caught the Death by Decibels tour, featuring: Napalm Death, A Life Once Lost, Dead to Fall, Animosity, and Bludgeon. The venue was The Pearl Room, which is a new venue located in Mokena, IL. The Pearl Room is located in a strip mall, and holds around 1,400 people. The set-up there is odd. As you enter the place, the first thing that you notice is a bar that must be over 1,500 square feet. After walking through that area, you enter the stage area, which is just a little bit larger than the bar area. The stage is on the left, so most individuals at the bar would not see the stage. A couple of balconies were added, but appear to be an afterthought. Though the venue was architecturally challenged, the sound was surprisingly great.

I met a buddy there and we were ready to go see our boys from Birmingham. We walked up to door to purchase our tickets and the woman there said “two dollars.” The show was supposed to be $20, so we asked her again and she said the same thing. I guess that they didn’t sell enough tickets and were hoping to make up some cash on beer sales.

We had to wait through the first few bands, but were pleasantly surprised with Dead to Fall and A Life Once Lost. Prior to Napalm’s set, the sound guys had difficulties with Barney’s microphone. Basically, after 20 or so minutes of trying to figure out the problem, they ended up routing a couple of new cords, plugged in two microphones, and were finally set. Napalm Death finally hit the stage and they started with Sink Fast, Let Go and then went straight into Unchallenged Hate. During this song, the crowd went nuts. These guys tore it up and offered the crowd one of the most brutal sets yet! The majority of their songs came off their Smear Campaign and The Code is Red…Long Live the Code albums.

Even though only 500 or so individuals showed up, these guys played like they were playing in front of 10,000. After the show, we met the band and hung out with them for a couple of hours. We had a great time and I got to hang with one of my all-time favorite bands. Plus, I got to see one of the best shows of the year for $2.00!

Here is their set list:

Sink Fast, Let Go
Unchallenged Hate
Suffer the Children
Silence is Deafening
Instruments of Persuasion
When All is Said and Done
Puritanical Punishment Beating
In Deference
The Code is Red…Long Live the Code
Identity Crisis
The Kill
You Suffer
Persona Non Grata
Smear Campaign

Nazi Punks Fuck Off!
Siege of Power

ChildrenofSodom 11-28-2006 12:23 PM

how'd you get tickets for $2?

ADD 11-28-2006 12:32 PM


jeremysaal 11-28-2006 12:32 PM

Basically, you could give them your $20 (plus fees) ticket from Ticketmaster, or just give them $2.00 at the door to get in. We questioned the lady there and asked if Napalm Death would still be playing and she said, "Yes." She stated that if we didn't have a ticket, then we didn't need to pay for one, other than the $2.00 cover.

Remember this if you go to The Pearl Room! Buy your tickets at the door and you just might get in for next to nothing!

hot_turkey_ed 11-28-2006 12:41 PM

Thanks for this set list... I'll probably going to see this show when it hits California in a few days. :fist:

DethMaiden 11-28-2006 12:56 PM

Wow, I hate all those bands but would still go see them if it was $2 :lol:

jeremysaal 11-28-2006 01:03 PM

You will enjoy this show! I'm considering the haul to Cleveland, OH to catch them again. I've been waiting to hear The Code is Red...Long Live the Code and finally got to hear it, as they didn't play it on their last tour.

es156 11-28-2006 05:28 PM

[QUOTE=jeremysaal;135075]You will enjoy this show! I'm considering the haul to Cleveland, OH to catch them again. I've been waiting to hear The Code is Red...Long Live the Code and finally got to hear it, as they didn't play it on their last tour.[/QUOTE]

Cleveland! Are you serious? That is quite a haul. Have you checked to see how many hours that would be? Or are you going to fly?

Cool report. Metal Church should be great!

jeremysaal 11-29-2006 07:55 AM

Cleveland is a seven to eight hour drive from here. I have to check family schedules first, but I want to go! I could probably find a cheap flight, but as you know, with our lack of adequate airports in our area, I would spend the same amount of time getting there. I hope that this works out!

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