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SirLardsAlot 10-25-2006 07:36 AM

Oh those Silly Brits

Spiral_Slave 10-25-2006 07:38 AM

Haha I've seen that before. It's soo fucked up.

JRA 10-25-2006 07:50 AM

Oh God, I saw that a long ass time ago. It's still brilliant though.

sneakbobcat 10-25-2006 08:33 AM

haha, i used to watch that show, but i never realised it was that explicit! hahahahahaha.

Div 10-25-2006 09:01 AM

:lol: are you shitting me?

sneakbobcat 10-25-2006 09:22 AM

[QUOTE=Div]:lol: are you shitting me?[/QUOTE]

no im deadly serious, rainbow was the best. When they wanted Zippy (the orange one) to shutup they just zipped his mouth shut.
That's where the term "Zip it" comes from, and when people pretend to zip there mouths shut to get people to be quiet.
So it does have some good points. I just never realised it was quite that bad.

Div 10-25-2006 09:25 AM

Hahah, who comes up with this stuff

sneakbobcat 10-25-2006 09:27 AM

[QUOTE=Div]Hahah, who comes up with this stuff[/QUOTE]

If you lived in Britain and grew up as a kid in the late 80s im sure you would have enjoyed this show too.
I was a little later than this, but it was still on for kids to watch, just not a lot. I only saw it a few times though.

Div 10-25-2006 09:30 AM

Well I used to watch sesame street and reading rainbow so you're probably right.

sneakbobcat 10-25-2006 09:51 AM

[QUOTE=Div]Well I used to watch sesame street and reading rainbow so you're probably right.[/QUOTE]

yeah i watched sesame street too. More often than rainbow though.:party:

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