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sneakbobcat 10-01-2006 06:41 AM

Disturbed -- Glasgow, UK -- September 30th, 2006
I didn't bring a notebook with me, as i never do. I usually bring my phone and take pictures though, But i didn't manage to record the nevermore setlist despite reading it. Also they played more than what they had written on their 12 song setlist.
I didn't get the Nevermore setlist as i don't listen to them a lot. But they did play:

The River Dragon Has Come
Final Product
Next In Line
4 Walls (is that the name of the song?)
along with another 8-10 songs.
The moshpits were great fun and on the last song absolutely everyone in the pits and crowd ran up and crowd surfed leaving the bouncers overwhelmed with surfers, the most number of people i've ever seen crowd surf at once. There must have been a total of about 100 for the one song. The venue held 2000. So it was very packed with surfers. And there were about 5 or more hitting the barrier at every 10 seconds or something. It was quite funny.
I was then lucky enough to get the Nevermore drumstick.
I give Nevermore 8.5/10

10,000 Fists
Just Stop
The Game
Land of Confusion
Down with the Sickness

This was roughly the setlist. All the songs were played, but not exactly in that order.
I was quite dissapointed with the gig overall. Disturbed lacked something live and he said the crowd weren't very good and didn't give very much to the crowd. It was a great crowd atmosphere however.
Apart from the great experiance and the lacking of sound and energy from Disturbed it was a great gig. I would give 7/10 for this. :party:
And at the end i caught something else. Not the drumstick cause the drummer was being gay and gave them to people at the front. But i got The lead singer's towel. After putting up a 10 minute fight for it.:rocker:
Not that im going to use it for anything. I don't quite know why i wanted it :confused:

DethMaiden 10-01-2006 07:22 AM

Inside Four Walls.

Cool though, glad you had a great time. One hundred surfers!? :eek:

sneakbobcat 10-01-2006 10:13 AM

[QUOTE=DethMaiden]Inside Four Walls.

Cool though, glad you had a great time. One hundred surfers!? :eek:[/QUOTE]

about that. They just emptied the crowd out over the barrier during the course of the song. It was pretty cool. And you could see Warrel Dane happy that there were so many people.
It was really funny. about 3 people stood at the front of the moshpit and everyone else just ran up and jumped with people helping them over the front people in the crowd.:rocker: Bouncers were kept busy.

hot_turkey_ed 10-01-2006 11:18 AM

We finally have some Disturbed information. :fist:

ChildrenofSodom 10-01-2006 01:55 PM

[QUOTE=hot_turkey_ed]We finally have some Disturbed information. :fist:[/QUOTE]


Div 10-01-2006 02:14 PM


DethMaiden 10-01-2006 02:17 PM


Take your bullshit to Blabbermouth!:mad:

Oh wait...:eyes:

hot_turkey_ed 10-01-2006 02:35 PM

Quite frankly, I was really disappointed in Disturbed myself at Ozzfest. They will definitely not show up on Pavo's Shitty Band list.

Still glad to the info on 'em. :fist:

sneakbobcat 10-01-2006 02:40 PM

I preferred Nevermore because Disturbed lacked something. But the crowd were always going to be better for Disturbed and the atmosphere.
It was great to see the Nevermore fans going crazy for Nevermore though.

Div 10-01-2006 03:12 PM

[QUOTE=DethMaiden]Take your bullshit to Blabbermouth!:mad:

Oh wait...:eyes:[/QUOTE]

I dunno dude, they just sound very "nu metal" to me.

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