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Bloodcurse 01-30-2005 12:45 PM

Deicide -- Philidelphia, PA -- September 21st, 2005
I got there an hour and a half early (and Im now glad I did). When I was waiting in line, I saw Brian and Eric Hoffman of Deicide walking down the street. I ran over and talked with them and got my picture taken with them. Then around 7:00, Glen Benton came over to our line and was meeting with everyone. I also got my picture taken with him. He also said "nice shirt" to me (I was wearing my Vital Remains Dechristianize shirt). Eventully they let us in. I ran over to the t-shirt booth and got a Deicide shirt, two stickers (one says "Jesus Loves You...Asshole!"), and a Cattle Decapitation cd. Then I went down to the floor.

The first band to play was DESOLATION. They were pretty good brutal death metal. The crowd wasn't really into them though. Oh well. They played for about 15 minutes. Then JUNGLE ROT came on. They were really good. Their lead singer kept calling the right side of the floor "dick suckers" because they wouldn't do anything. They played for about 30 minutes.

Then CATTLE DECAPITATION came on. They were AMAZING!! The best I've ever seen them. Travis kept spitting on himself and the crowd. He is insane on stage. They played for about 30 minutes. Their setlist was:

Scatology Domine/Humanure
Reduced to Paste
Diarrhea of the Mouth
The Earthling
Lips & Assholes/Men Before Swine (outro)
The Decapitation of Cattle

Then GOATWHORE came on. Their image is of black metal/death metal, but I'm not 100% sure what their music is. Whatever it's classified as, it's pretty good. They deffenetly kept the crowd active. They also played for about 30 minutes.

Finally, DEICIDE took the stage. Glen came out and said "You are all, THE CHILDREN OF THE UNDERWORLD!", and kicked into the first song. After that song, he said "Wow you fuckers have a cerfew of 11pm here in Philly? What the fuck do you do at 11? Go home and bake cookies? What the fuck?!" Then he kept playing. He talked in between every song. They sound alot different live, but not in a bad way. They deffenetly kick major fucking ass live. They didn't get to play long because of the shitty ass cerfew in Philly. Their setlist was:

The Children of the Underworld
Bastards of Christ
Bible Basher
Lunatic of God's Creation
Serpents of the Light
Sacrificial Suicide
Once Upon the Cross
Dead but Dreaming
When Satan Rules His World
Dead by Dawn
Scars of the Crucifix

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