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hot_turkey_ed 05-13-2006 12:13 PM

Metallica -- Anaheim, CA -- November 27th, 2004
TOUR: Metallica / Madly In Anger With The World Tour
SUPPORT: Godsmack
VENUE: Arrowhead Pond -- Anaheim, CA
DATE: Saturday, November 27th, 2004
ATTENDED W/: Motorhead Jeff, Bouville
GEAR WORN: Iron Maiden Live After Death Hoodie over a Piece of Mind L/S
REVIEWED: December 5th, 2004


You last left your heroes at the Headbanger’s Ball Tour, they having survived the gothic brutality of Cradle of Filth and the death metal horror of Arch Enemy. This show was only one bookend to a weekend of metal, the Metallica show at the Anaheim Pond looming before us Saturday night as the other.

The Metal Corps (Motorhead Jeff, Bouville, and me) went back to its HQ in Southern California (Jeff’s House) and crashed around 3 AM. Mrs. Motorhead Jeff fed the troops a few hours later (French Toast is now my official morning after metal food). I don't know what they did, but I went back to sleep until Bouville and Jeff found the 100 Least Metal Moments on VH1. This fucking farce finished bleeding around 1:30 PM and we hit the road very early 30 minutes later for a 5:30 PM meet with Lightbearer and Hecho at the Pond. Keep in mind that this is normally a 90 minute problem spiced up with a little Orange County traffic.

Yeah, we got lost in the final hour given the frustrations of crawling in FOUR hours what should take ONE. Those of you who have experienced Ozzfest in Devore, you know the kind of traffic we faced going over the pass from the high desert in bad weather that night. We didn’t arrive until 8:15 PM and that was into the parking lot near the back side of Hell at Angels Stadium. (For you Giants fans in the audience, I strongly considered pissing on the legs of the immense Angel halo in the parking lot. God damn fucking Angels. Fuck you for game 6 and 7!) We eventually passed the fronts doors at 8:45 for a 9:00 usual start. Given that we had to piss like old men with severe bladder infections and fetch our floor wrist bands from the snails working security, we had like three minutes with a now sober Lightbearer. Hecho and LB went to their seats; we, to the floor with maybe two minutes to spare before Ectasy of Gold and got within a few feet of the stage.

What can I write about a Metallica concert that I’ve not already said in three concerts reports already? Like you’ll ever know because those reviews were lost when the old Iron Maiden BB died.

That’s too bad because my first Metallica concert in San Francisco was as close to a metal wet dream as I'll see. The parking lot was a fucking war zone, tailgating debris everywhere… abnormally slutty metal skanks everywhere and specifically advertising with shirts reading "SLUT MAGNET"… massive pot smoke… alcohol flowing in all taps well into the encores... mosh pits and fights everywhere… people lighting shit on fire and destroying property… that was one fucking great night. <cleans shorts just thinking about it> The night rose to the level of what can happen at a rowdy Ozzfest short of a full blown riot.

My next Metallica concerts in Sacramento and Fresno (both arena shows) a few days might as well been held as monasteries in comparsion. Any NBA arena is going ot be clean and stricter than that shithole called the Cow Palace in SF. The ventilation systems cleansed the air of the stage smoke instead of it just hang in the air. Climate control kept the environment under control instead of acting as a 20,000 party sauna. The crowds were definitely not as metal, really more hard-rock clean-cut and mainstream. In fact, short of the band-name shirts, you wouldn’t have guessed either show was a metal concert at all. You could even find parents with their kids on the floor! I have such fond memories of my first line of Metallica crack in San Francisco that arena shows like Anaheim will always be a little disappointing no matter what.

Metallica has definitely grown up. Motorhead Jeff and I have gone to a buttload of concerts this year and he noticed quickly not only the atmosphere but how Metallica presented themselves. Excellent showmanship but they don’t act like twenty-something underground alcoholic rejects anymore.

Setlist-wise, I was extremely pleased. Compare the setlists from San Francisco and Anaheim:

SAN FRANCISCO (March 8th, 2004)
Seek And Destroy
Fade To Black
King Nothing
Holier Than Thou
The Unnamed Feeling
Sad But True
Creeping Death
Fight Fire With Fire
St. Anger
Nothing Else Matters
Master of Puppets
Enter Sandman
So What!
Dyers Eve

ANAHEIM, CA (November 27th, 2004)
The Four Horsemen
No Leaf Clover
The Unforgiven
Holier Than Thou
The God That Failed
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Sad But True
- - - -
Wherever I May Roam
Nothing Else Matters
Master Of Puppets
Enter Sandman
- - - -
Disposable Heroes
Seek And Destroy

Those two set lists made a very good Metllica year indeed. <rant> Why can’t every band <cough>Maiden</cough> do this? And I have decent ‘official’ boots of each show. Aw, fuck it… I’ve posted enough recently why I think is Metallica is doing really good things for their fans. </rant>

After the concert, we kicked it outside the Pond with Hecho (sporting British Steel colors) and friend (Hecho, give your buddy a handle) for 30 minutes. Contrary to rumor, Bouville did not rip Hecho a third asshole. Hecho in person does not speak in caps and is a pretty cool dude, not the little bitch he can be online. ;)

Hecho, a public thank you for the Priest you gave me as well.

I’m cutting this one short because I’ve got another one to write tonight (GGWWWAAARRRRRRR!) and the show has been discussed to death elsewhere.. Arena Metallica gets 9 Eddies.

SomewhereInTime72 05-13-2006 12:18 PM

I love the way Metallica vary their sets. :D

iggyb387 08-01-2006 12:15 PM

[QUOTE=SomewhereInTime72]I love the way Metallica vary their sets. :D[/QUOTE]

Eh. It's like DT only not as well done and DT change sets every night.

Great setlist for both nights.

HECHO EN MEXICO 08-06-2006 03:33 AM

[quote=hot_turkey_ed]Hecho in person does not speak in caps and is a pretty cool dude, not the little bitch he can be online. ;)


Miss.Selfdestruct 08-25-2006 11:28 PM

i was at both these shows too. have to say that the one in San Fran kicked Anaheim's ass. i was right in front of Kirk's area until i just couldn't handle it anymore. the pressure was insanely intense. this other girl i made friend's with and i just got out and enjoyed the rest of the gig outside the pit. awesome fuking show:rocker:

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