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hot_turkey_ed 05-09-2006 04:20 PM

Headbanger's Ball Tour W/ Cradle Of Filth -- Anaheim, CA -- November 26th, 2004
TOUR: Headbanger Ball’s Tour -- Cradle Of Filth
SUPPORT: Himsa, Arch Enemy, Bleeding Through
VENUE: House of Blues at Downtown Disney -- Anaheim, CA
DATE: Friday, November 26th, 2004
ATTENDED W/: Motorhead Jeff, Bouville
GEAR WORN: Iron Maiden Live After Death Hoodie over a Piece of Mind Long Sleeve
EDDIES AWARDED (Cradle of Filth): 7
REVIEWED: December 1st, 2004


I fetched Bouville early Friday morning, and we flew down to hook up with the infamous Motorhead Jeff for the Headbanger’s Ball Tour show at the House of Blues / Downtown Disney (Anaheim, CA) featuring Himsa, Arch Enemy, Bleeding Through, and Cradle of Filth.

Our overpriced but tasty HoB meal bought us early entry into the music hall. Bouville met Sarah Jezebel Deva, proposed marriage, and got her autograph (instead of her acceptance) along with that of Dave Pybus, Cradle’s man on bass. During CoF's sound check, Bouville spied members of Arch Enemy in the bar and spoke with Angela Gassow. A few minutes before the doors opened, Danny Filth strolled by the early entrance line but vamoosed before anyone could pester him.

Let's cut straight to the show: I love Hatebreed but I’m just not HxC. It should be no surprise that Himsa just didn’t do it for me. They have zero stage and really need to learn to sell it while performing. Most of them wore shirts of other bands, just like I do when I attend my n00b bass lessons. Himsa performed five songs but I only caught two titles: Kiss or Kill and an unreleased track called Destroyer.

Arch Enemy has maintained the same rough set list from Anthems and Wages for the last year and tonight was no exception:

Enemy Within
Silent Wars
Burning Angel
We Will Rise
Dead Eyes No Future

To metal fans everywhere: if you don’t own Wages Of Sin and Anthems of Rebellion, stop your game of pocket pool and go buy them. If you don’t have the money, fast for a day and buy them from the used bin.

To Arch Enemy: get your asses back in the studio and deliver another masterpiece. And then stop this support shit in America; it’s time to headline the venues you’ve been playing. You fucking rule!

Next was an unannounced naked support act. This gorgeous strawberry blond strolls into the loge in a perfect low cut melon-colored top sporting on public show the best rack money can buy. It’s not long before before she has pulled down her top and begins flashing the entire main floor. I’m not talking about quick flashes either, nor am I just talking about one time either. It goes on for [i]minutes[/i] and attracts a bright house HoB spotlight. You normally have to be 18 and pay a lot of money to see this kind of show. Not to shortchange anyone, she turns around for close-ups to the group behind and then poses for the cell-phone pictures for the guy a couple seats down the loge from her. This brunette shows up, starts kissing her and sucking on... you get the idea.... that is, when the blond was not providing self-service licks of her own. I predict many nights of wet dreams for the hardcore kids of Anaheim.

Bleeding Through stopped the show for their set before an enthusiastic hometown crowd. These guys are Himsa but with stage presence and an underutilized skirt on keyboards turned down too low in the mix to be of any use for my tastes. They played about nine songs including: Sweet Vampirous, Rise, and Number Seven With A Bullet.

In preparation for Cradle of Filth, I purchased Nymphetamine and another album to which I have not yet listened. Bouville played parts of a CoF DVD that had puppets and chicks on sticks (stilts). Between this and his enthusiasm for Cradle, I prepared myself for a real freak show and was disappointed when nothing Filthy happened. Even the crowd wasn't THAT fucked up.

Gilded Cunt wasn’t nearly as much fun as I thought it would be. Have you been to a Metallica concert and chanted “DIE! DIE! DIE!” during Creeping Death? I expected 3000 people to scream “CUNT! CUNT! YOU GILDED CUNT!”, but the crowd didn’t even manage a single decent “YOU GILDED CUNT!”

While I really liked some of Cradle’s tracks, they didn’t sound very good to my ears Friday night. Just one example: Sarah was turned down extremely low when in my opinion she should have been as loud as Danny, especially during Liv’s parts in Nymphetamine. Sarah’s one of those attractive big ladies who can really sing but even the keyboard eclipsed her voice in some songs. Toward the end of the concert, she had seemed to have problems with her earpiece, and I’m almost positive she ripped it out in frustration.

Cradle’s stage setup was extremely well done with the drums offset left, Sarah in the back center, and the keyboard on our right. White screens were placed in front of a huge backup from the Damnation cover that silhouetted during white stage flashes. Many of us were waiting for these screens to fall/collapse/disappear to reveal something Cradle-y cool like a giant facade of a topless menstruating woman (the same that graces their tour shirt) bleeding onto the stage. Instead, they played to an occasional projection on the white screens. Their light show was substandard, especially in direct comparison to what Dio delivered on the same stage four weeks prior.

I do give them a big A+ for their costumes and makeup. Yeah, fuck you too. I like their look for what they do. Musically, Cradle can play and I give them all the credit they deserve for it. The biggest objection I have is Danny’s overuse – no, use period – of a Dog Paddle like dance move that belongs in a hip hop video and not on a metal stage. Bouville can probably describe it better, as he has a better command of the move in question.

Bouville was on the rail (he was on the rail all four acts) and received a copy of the setlist:

Gilded Cunt
Principle of Evil Made Flesh
Tortured Soul Asylum
Nymphetamine (Fix)
Her Ghost in the Fog
The Forest Whispers Her Name
Fantasia Down: A Bruise Upon the Silent Moon
Fantasia Down: A Promise of Fever
Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids
From the Cradle to Enslave

Iron Maiden is the standard by which all metal should be judged and thus my rating system of Eddies was born. Ten Eddies represents ANY Maiden concert. I don’t usually rate support acts, so two bands are getting very lucky. Cradle, you’re an Eight-ish Eddie band but your show in Anaheim only picked up 7 of them.

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