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jaysadler2 04-06-2006 02:49 AM

Dream covers + reunions/line-ups???
i know this is a bit iffy, and loads of people have different oppinnions and tastes.

I'd love to see:

Megadeth - Blackened (metallica)
Machine Head - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Black Sabbath)
Dragonforce - Mr. Crowley (Ozzy)
Slayer - The Trooper (Iron Maiden)
Van Halen - Beat it (Michael Jackson)-not sure if eddie wrote the solo


Metallica with dave mustain - Mechanix/the four horseman
Ozzy, zakk wylde, joey jordison, dave ellfeson - Crazy Train
Eddie Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai - Jimi Hendrix Jam
Original Guns n' roses - paradise city/welcome 2 the jungle/sweet child o'mine
Van halen with david lee roth - aint' talkin' 'bout love
Jimi Page + Robb plant - stairway to heaven
Sting + the police - message in a bottle

jaysadler2 04-06-2006 02:50 AM

sorry, forgot to say, reply wit ure own dream line-ups/reunions and tributes etc.

DethMaiden 04-06-2006 11:17 AM

Chris DeGarmo back in Queensrÿche to play Operation: Mindcrime in its entirety.

And how about Layne Staley resurrected to play some AIC gigs?

ADD 04-06-2006 01:26 PM

Too broad a topic. Narrow it down a bit, unless you want me talking about Gollum covering Mastodon or something:cool:

Bouville 04-06-2006 03:24 PM


Iron Maiden with Paul and The Messiah while Bruce Bruce mopes the backstage restrooms :party:

MetalDrummer888 04-06-2006 04:58 PM


Iron Maiden with Paul and The Messiah while Bruce Bruce mopes the backstage restrooms :party:[/QUOTE]

i think it woud be cool to have a night of iron maiden, with each singer preforming his own songs :party: :party:

ChildrenofSodom 04-06-2006 06:11 PM

Grim Reaper REUNITE!!!

Bouville 04-06-2006 06:16 PM

[QUOTE=ChildrenofSodom]Grim Reaper REUNITE!!![/QUOTE]

They already have

overkiller 04-06-2006 07:05 PM


ChildrenofSodom 04-06-2006 07:15 PM

[QUOTE=Bouville]They already have[/QUOTE]


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