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es156 09-26-2004 06:34 PM

Rush -- Milwaukee, WI -- April 5th, 1988
Hold Your Fire Tour, 4/5/88, Mecca Arena, Milwaukee, WI

[size=2]1. The Big Money
2. Subdivisions
3. Limelight
4. Marathon
5. Turn the Page
6. Prime Mover
7. Manhattan Project
8. Closer to the Heart
9. Red Sector A
10. Force Ten
11. Time Stand Still
12. Distant Early Warning
13. Lock and Key
14. Mission
15. Territories
16. YYZ
17. The Rhythm Method (Drum Solo)
18. Spirit of Radio
19. Tom Sawyer

20. 2112 - (Overture/Temples)
21. La Villa Strangiato
22. In the Mood

Drums: Neil Peart
Bass: Geddy Lee
Guitar: Alex Lifeson

Opening Act:
The Rainmakers

My first Rush show still holds a special place in my heart. This was an outstanding show even though the setlist was dominated by 80's era tunes. This was the first time I had seen Neil Peart's drum solo live and I was speechless. The amazing thing is that his solo has just gotten better with every tour. The unfortunate opening act got booed mercilessly for their entire short set. It has to be tough opening for a band like Rush.

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