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hot_turkey_ed 12-07-2005 05:24 PM

Vader -- San Francisco, CA -- November 19th, 2005 (Review Only)
TOUR: Vader
SUPPORT: Decapitated, Dew Scented, The Down Factor
VENUE: The Pound -- San Francisco, CA
DATE: Saturday, November 19th, 2005
ATTENDED W/: The Mickster
GEAR WORN: GWAR Hoodie & New GWAR Shirt
MERCH PURCHASED: Albums from Decapitated & The Down Factor, Vader shirt for Lokia
REVIEWED: December 7th, 2005

It doesn’t matter how old you are: your mother will always own you. When she decides to give you a what-for, you pretty much have to take it, and that exactly what started off my Saturday afternoon about two weeks ago. Fresh out of the shower and beginning to settle into the couch, I answered my phone and thus ended my planned tranquility. Five minutes later and spitting nails, I got in my truck for a very pissed off drive to Silicon Valley. My first stop was Rasputin to pick two Vader albums (Litany and Revelations -- no joy on both CDs) and whatever else fell into my plastic handheld shopping basket. Two different Barnes & Nobles were my second and third stops, between which I killed about three hours pouring over the philosophy section in my ongoing jihad against all that is Postmodern. Around 6 PM, I bought my books and headed off to the Pound (with a brief stop at Fry’s) to hear four bands play that I had never heard before whatsoever.

Pissed turned to melancholy as the afternoon gave way to evening. My ambitious plans for the Pound centered around sulking in the back shadows with a new paperback commentary on Nietzsche between sets. I purchased a little blue maglite at Fry’s to that end but attached it instead to my set list book and thus innovated in my quest to take quality notes and lists in dark venues. Pulling out of Fry’s parking lot in Campbell for San Francisco, I punched up the Mickster to see if he wanted to tag along for a night out of death metal away from his little ones. I pre-sold the night on early doors and that we would be showing up a bit late making for a short concert night -- important because he was staring at a very early Sunday morning in a few hours.

Doors were scheduled for 7:00 or 7:30 PM with the first band normally hitting the stage about 30 minutes later. The Mickster and I pulled into the Pound’s parking lot a little bit after 8:00PM to find everyone literally chilling outside just yards away fro San Francisco’s frigid industrial shoreline. In the true spirt of Rain Man, Mickster kept calculating how much money the Pound was losing in beer sales by keeping us all outside. Doors finally opened around 8:30 PM but it took another twenty minutes or so for the back of the line to work its way inside.

First up: The Down Factor. My head and body were moving seconds into their first song, which was impressive because I had barely tasted my first beer. The tones, the rhythms, the vocals.. it all added up to SSSLLLAAAYYYYEERRRR!!! Many of you know very well my non-musical issues with Slayer, and thus I rarely have a kind word for them but that doesn’t mean I don’t like their music. God damn it, we had some thrash going with The Down Factor and I got totally into them enough to march outside after their set to their merch table to buy their latest CD, Murder The World. The Down Factor was so damn good that I could have left the Pound, happy and satisfied that I had received my money’s worth. The Down Factor’s set list (entirely from their last album):

Blood Of The Patriot’s
Gods Of War
Murder The World

Before the next band started, we noticed a big hulking lumberjack mother fucker patrolling inside in a red plaid shirt with a badge hanging around neck. I haven’t a clue if this was SFPD or Pound Security. it’s just not someone you see everyday at a metal shit hole, so I’m making note of it. And while I'm making notes for the record, the vocalist for The Down Factor worked the crowd later in the evening, introducing himself and talking up his band. I fucking love it when bands do this. It makes me want to support them. It also helps that the dude in question was a pretty damn nice guy and hell-a appreciative that I had enjoyed their set enough to buy their music.

The Mickster and I overheard the following as the next band, Dew Scented, took the stage: “I HOPE YOU ARE GUYS ARE BETTER THAN YOUR NAME!” Really! That’s what this band called themselves. They even had a big ass banner sporting it. I’m not making it up, I swear. Dew Scented is a thrash band from Germany, and this was their first US tour. The band opened with a lot of energy but their name just killed it for me. Fuck, these dudes might as well called themselves Snuggle after the fabric softener. That would be way more metal because they could out that little fuckwad of a bear for the Satanic bastard he really is. The Mickster and I tried to hit the patio for some fresh air but instead walked into the biggest hanging cloud of pot smoke I’ve seen outside at the Pound. We just drank our beers and talked some to guy sporting a Big Sur Marathon shirt who roughly was from my neck of woods. Then we went back inside and imagine that, the music sounded a lot better. I did not write down a complete list but Dew Scented cranked out Cities Of The Dead and Destination Hell toward the tail end of their set. Dew Scented, you don't suck but please change your fucking name.

The vocalist for Dew Scented roadied and prepped the stage for the next band, Decapitated, a Polish death metal act. Honestly, I’m not sure what to write about these guys. I locked into their music the same way I did Dying Fetus’ at my first GWAR concert. Resisting the temptation to label their music generic death metal, let me proclaim a bit of ignorance instead. My iTunes has only a small sampling of death metal and none of it gets regular attention or study. I liked what I heard from Decapitated well enough to fetch one of their albums, The Negation, from their merch table after their set.

Vader relatively took a long time to come on stage because of incessant prep work on the drums. Unfortunately, the clock worked them and us. The Mickster and I only stayed for a couple of songs, none of for which I caught titles. Let my ignorance ring true now. What I heard sounded similar enough to Decapitated that I felt I could leave without losing out too much and the Mickster was already staring less than five hours of sleep in the face before Sunday’s early morning.

A couple of days after the concert, I downloaded Vader’s Litany from iTunes. While polishing off this write-up, I gave it a spin on my iPod. My judgment was premature. Yes, I’m glad we left because Mickster really had to get home but damn it, we missed out on a damn good band. I really hope Vader returns to the Bay Area.

No Eddies for anyone this time around. That’s not an indictment against any of the bands, but I don’t feel I can do justice on specific ratings and comparisons. Perhaps, I do one better this time. Decapitated ignited a new interest in death metal, manifested in a new iPod playlist addition called Death Metal Damnation comprised primarily of Decapitated, Vader, Cryptopsy, and Nile. We’ll see where this goes.

DigMySpanky 05-19-2010 09:21 AM

I would give my middle nut to see Dew-Scented/Decapitated/Vader. You're fucking crazy to call Decapitated "generic". Winds of Creation is one of the best albums ever.

This review made me sad/nauseous.

idrinkwine732 05-19-2010 03:21 PM

[QUOTE=DigMySpanky;273915]I would give my middle nut to see Dew-Scented/Decapitated/Vader. You're fucking crazy to call Decapitated "generic". Winds of Creation is one of the best albums ever.

This review made me sad/nauseous.[/QUOTE]

C'mon man...I like Decapitated but...just a little generic.

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