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John The Drummer 07-10-2014 12:32 PM

Ceremonial Castings -- Seattle, WA -- July 7th, 2014
Ceremonial Castings (CD Release Show)
Funeral Age
Drawn And Quartered

Monday July 7th @ The 2 Bit Saloon

Yep, I'm going to be THAT GUY again and post a review from one of my own shows ;)

This was the first of two CD release shows for Ceremonial Castings' brand new album, 'Cthulhu". I showed up a bit early (got there at 7:15, show was supposed to start at 9, started just after 9:30 :lol:) and hung out with everyone. It was great to catch with Ceremonial Castings, haven't hung out with them for quite a few years now. We talked about the new CD, the new sound they are trying to go for, and all the other fun stuff you talk about with your bros.

Funeral Age was supposed to go on first, but Drawn and Quartered requested to swap spots for some unknown reason. So D&Q started off the night with wha they do best... non-stop in your face balls to the wall Blackened Death Metal! This was my first time seeing them with this lineup, and they seemed to sound great (the sound was a bit muddy during their set, small bar). I don't recall any exact songs they played, but I think they played a brand new song or two, and they sounded brutal as all hell! Their set lasted close to an hour. I picked up their latest CD "Feeding Hells Furnace", stoked to give that a spin!

[U]Drawn and Quartered's set[/U]

After D&Q my band Funeral Age took the stage. Halfway through our first song our bassist head crapped out, so we muscled through the song and then he ran and grabbed his back up head so we could continue on with the set (same thing happend with our guitar head last time we played here...). To free up the dead and awkward silence we busted out a lounge version of "Walk" by Pantera while our vocalist did his best William Shattner impression (Shatnera, if you will....). We got the head replaced and finished our set. Even though we had a good 10-15 minutes of waiting they still allowed us to finish our set... I'd say we were close to an hour as well, including the technical difficulties.

[U]Funeral Age's set[/U]
We Want Blood
Walk (Pantera cover/parody)
Lives For An Eye
Stillborn Again
Mother of God (New)
Upon The Grave of Angel's Wing

Last band of the night were underground titans, Ceremonial Castings! As noted, this was their CD release show, but they only played two tracks from the new album. They also had a new drummer performing with them. I guess he just turned 20, but he nailed EVERYTHING perfectly. I gotta give him massive props for being able to drum along to a backing track and still being able to keep the energy alive! I missed a majority of their set due to loading up, but from what I heard from outside, they played a good selection from most of their catalogue, and sounded better than ever! These guys have certainly improved so much since their tour they did with Gorgoroth in Central America a couple of years back :rocker:. I snagged their new CD.

[U]Ceremonial Castings' set included...[/U]
Come Forth Damnation
The Great Old Ones

Really fun show! Great turnout for a Monday at a small bar!

mankvill 07-10-2014 12:57 PM


John The Drummer 07-10-2014 01:42 PM


:lol: Yup! I see Herb at almost every single show I go to, and I've known their current drummer (just joined about a year or a little more, ago) pretty much my entire life haha.

ImmortalEmperor 07-10-2014 02:05 PM

Didn't know about this - definitely would have gone as I like all 3 bands :D

John The Drummer 07-10-2014 04:21 PM

[QUOTE=ImmortalEmperor;580002]Didn't know about this - definitely would have gone as I like all 3 bands :D[/QUOTE]


markrz 07-10-2014 06:21 PM

Pretty cool show. I dig Ceremonial Castings.

Addicted2metal 07-10-2014 11:33 PM

1st black metal show I saw was Ceremonial Castings it was amazing almost trance like.

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