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es156 05-24-2014 07:12 PM

Pelican -- Champaign, IL -- May 17th, 2014
Tour: Forever Becoming
Headliner: Pelican
Support: Nothing
Venue: The Highdive, Champaign, IL
Date: May 17th, 2014

Nothing Set List:

01. Dig
02. Bent Nail
03. Hymn To The Pillory
04. Get Well
05. Endlessly
06. Somersault
07. B & E

Set Time: 7.48-8.24

Pelican Set List:

01. Dead Between the Walls
02. The Tundra
03. Deny the Absolute
04. Ephemeral
05. Vestiges
06. Lathe Biosas
07. The Cliff
08. Strung Up From the Sky
09. Immutable Dusk

10. The Creeper

Set Time: 9.05-10.10

I had never been to the Highdive in Champaign before but it is a cool place. It is a smaller venue but it was the perfect size for a show like this. I arrived just before 6:30, which is when doors were scheduled to open. There was exactly one person in line. We went in a few minutes later and for a while we were the only people there. I was worried that it was going to be a terrible turnout but eventually people started to show up and it turned out to be a good crowd by the time the show started. Nothing were scheduled to go on at 7:15 but unfortunately they did not go on until 7:48. This caused Pelican to cut their set by 25 minutes. (They were originally scheduled to play from 8:30 to 10:00.) That disappointment aside, it was a very good show. I have been listening to Guilty of Nothing quite a bit since it was released and the songs were very good live. This was my first time seeing Pelican and they were great. They were even heavier than I expected them to be. It just sucks that their set was cut short. It was still a great show and I hope to see both bands again in the future.

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