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smearCampaign 04-24-2014 09:13 PM

What Are The Loudest Bands You've Seen?
I just got back from [B]Godflesh[/B] and their live show prompted this thread. They were not only really heavy sounding, but LOUD as all hell. Other bands that immediately come to mind for me would be [B]Motörhead[/B] and [B]Jucifer[/B], two more acts that just totally blow your hair back and you can feel reverberating in your chest the whole time. So....

[B]What are the loudest bands you've seen?[/B]

adamclark52 04-24-2014 09:25 PM

Immolation was pretty loud when I saw them in 2010. I don't think they're known for that though. I didn't mind.

Nick_to_the_face 04-24-2014 09:38 PM

Motorhead. And surprisingly Mushroomhead

kalfitegrdan 04-24-2014 10:05 PM

Zoroaster, Pallbearer and Yob come to mind. Also, not necessarily loud, but Esoteric were so goddamn heavy that they actually caused a minor amount of physical pain in my bowels.

slapguitarer 04-24-2014 10:32 PM

Boris by far. Other ones are Centuries and Pray For Teeth cause they shared gear and they had a wall of amps. First time I saw Thrones open for Sleep it was loud. Cloud Rat and Thou were loud. A lot of stoner/sludge bands are loud but those really stuck out.

DisposableJustice 04-24-2014 10:54 PM

Korn way back in 2002 was very loud, part of it was it being at the Denver Coliseum which is a very old building and I think the age of the structure played into that. I mean the 15 year old self loved it although my dad didn't:D

Also for some reason Metallica in San Jose 2009 seemed a little over the top; I still enjoyed myself but it wasn't as loud a year earlier in Denver

I am expecting Slayer coming up on May 10th to be loud as this show will be in the smallest venue they've done that I have been a part of:rocker:

EDIT: now that I think about it....in high school I worked at Red Rocks Amphitheater as a food worker....great job but one day ICP came to down, and their show was uncomfortably noisy, it almost hurt and I was in a stand on the side of the stage

mankvill 04-24-2014 11:00 PM

Boris and Weedeater are immediate standouts for me.

Onioner 04-24-2014 11:02 PM

AC/DC and Motörhead are ones that I immediately recall.

I still haven't seen Boris, but I bet they'd be loud as a motherfucker.

markrz 04-25-2014 06:04 AM

A few of the loudest bands I can remember seeing include Cold As Life, House of Lords (surprisingly), and Royal Thunder (I thought they were louder than Pallbearer on that tour). Strapping Young Lad were pretty loud, but not quite at the extreme top end.

Natrlhi 04-25-2014 06:16 AM

All four bands that came to mind have already been mentioned, but I'll repeat them for emphasis:


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