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Polock91 04-03-2014 03:13 PM

The Dillinger Escape Plan -- New York, NY -- April 3rd, 2014

I Won't Forget
The One Inside
My Dying Drive
Helter Skelter
Blackjazz Rebels

I don't know much by Retox or Trash Talk, so, if anyone knows their sets, by all means, comment.

I'm willing to bet tonight's DEP set is the same one they did at their surprise show a couple nights ago. If anything changes, I'll update this page.

Farewell, Mona Lisa
Milk Lizard
43% Burnt
Panasonic Youth
Room Full of Eyes
Hero Of The Soviet Union
Nothing's Funny
One of Us Is the Killer
Happiness Is A Smile
Good Neighbor
When I Lost My Bet

The Mullet Burden
Sunshine the Werewolf

John The Drummer 04-03-2014 03:31 PM

How was Shining?

Coma323 04-03-2014 03:51 PM

Never seen Come to Daddy, that would make my night at the Boston show.

Ommie 04-03-2014 04:38 PM

They better freaking play Come to Daddy and The Mullet Burden when I see them next week!

bobbie solo 04-03-2014 10:24 PM

that DEP setlist looks roughly correct to me.

Great show! Got there in time for Trash Talk. I like the band alot but dont know the songs well enough. They sounded really good and clear, and as he is want to do frequently, Lee Spielman was all over the place for the entire show. He spent at least half the time if not more right in the crowd. He sat in the middle of the floor during a circle pit he started (highlight of the set). He sang while standing on top of crowds of people. He organized the crowd to to treat the back of the place up to the bar as the front, and sang from there with everyone piling on all the way in back. There were plenty of stagedives as well. Really fun set.

DEP were excellent. I havent seen them headline a show in probably 7 or 8 years. Didn't think I'd see so many young girls at the show. Saw alot of jailbait that were wearing outfits that screamed "I'm trying too hard". I'm not complaining, just surprised...DEP isn't exactly the most accessible band soundwise. High energy throughout as you would expect. Lots of jumping into the crowd, stobe lights, mic swallowing and everything you expect from their stage show. I just wish Greg would hit the gym or something, dude is so skinny and frail looking.

Place wasn't sold out but it was close to full in there. DEP played for about 75-80 minutes.

Dj1214 04-04-2014 07:20 AM

Seeing them tonight in Philly, around what time did Dillinger go on?

swboyd 04-04-2014 12:34 PM

No Sugar Coated Sour? That makes me a sad panda, but The Mullet Burden is a solid addition.

Coma323 04-04-2014 01:51 PM

Fuck they didn't play Come to Daddy?

Derelict 04-05-2014 05:40 AM

Come to Daddy was played in Philly last night.

Polock91 04-05-2014 05:13 PM

[QUOTE=John The Drummer;565975]How was Shining?[/QUOTE]

Shining fucking killed. Jorgen is such an awesome musician to watch on stage. No "Madness and the Damage Done," but any song from that band is great live.

[QUOTE=Coma323;566094]Fuck they didn't play Come to Daddy?[/QUOTE]

I saw a picture of the set, which said they did, but I didn't hear it. Allegedly, it was between Mullet Burden and Sunshine. You'll probably get it.

Overall, awesome show. Trash Talk and Retox were both sick. Definitely checking them both out on record, as soon as possible.

First time seeing Dillinger. Set is pretty un-fuck-with-able. Still would've liked to hear some other stuff, but that just means I'll have to see them again lol.

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