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mankvill 03-26-2014 09:40 PM

Terror -- Lawrence, KS -- March 26th, 2014

Out Of My Face
Stick Tight
Spit My Rage
Push It Away
You're Caught
Live By The Code
Your Enemies Are Mine
Always The Hard Way
Keep Your Mouth Shut
Keepers Of The Faith

Hundredth (pretty sure):

Weathered Town
Carry On
Free Mind/Open Spirit

Counterparts (pretty sure):

(You Think You're) John Fucking Locke
The Disconnect

Expire (pretty sure):

Spit It Out
Pretty Low
Just Fine

Didn't stay for STYG.

Will post full review tomorrow along with AMAZING!!!!!!!!! video I took of Terror + the other bands.

Terror: 10/10 (best crowd I've ever seen at a show)
Hundredth: 7/10
Counterparts: 6/10
Expire: 8/10

MPF 03-26-2014 10:14 PM

Terror is quite arguably my favorite hardcore band. I'd love to see them some day.

mankvill 03-26-2014 10:29 PM


Had to upload this tonight. So insane.

Ommie 03-26-2014 10:49 PM

I really hope you stagedived during Terror.

Good to see them playing Push it Away!

elturtleboy 03-26-2014 11:11 PM

Thats a pretty nice set from expire for being the first band. Id leave right after Terror too.

Nick_to_the_face 03-26-2014 11:34 PM

Terror was incredible. I was diving through most of the set, and every time I got in his to scream along he shook my hand. Then during KOTF, he handed me the mic and thanked me after the set. I'm fan boying so hard right now.:D

Also that Expire set is a tad wrong.

Also Ghost wasn't played

dcmetal108 03-27-2014 05:24 AM

[QUOTE=elturtleboy;564811]Thats a pretty nice set from expire for being the first band. Id leave right after Terror too.[/QUOTE]

Every Expire song is only like a minute to minute and a half long so it's not a long set lol.

Also why the hell did you skip STYG?

mankvill 03-27-2014 09:37 AM

[QUOTE=dcmetal108;564819]Every Expire song is only like a minute to minute and a half long so it's not a long set lol.

Also why the hell did you skip STYG?[/QUOTE]

Seen em before, don't really care about them at all, didn't want to hate them because of how godly Terror was.

Nick_to_the_face 03-27-2014 10:30 AM

Stick To Your Guns set:

Empty Heads
Against Them All
Some Kind if Hope
Bringing You Down
What Goes Around
We Still Believe
The Bond
Life In a Box
Such Pain
D(I am)ond
Built Upon The Sand
This Is More

mankvill 03-27-2014 10:35 AM

It might be a cliche now but last night at The Bottleneck in Lawrence, hardcore music fans came together and became one big family. One giant, aggressive, moshing, stage-diving and smiling family.

The "Fuck The Message" tour landed at The Bottleneck in the midst of a cold and rainy evening, but that didn't stop the mass of hardcore fans from coming out early to see the first band, Expire from Milwaukee. Expire's music fit in perfectly with Stick To Your Guns and Terror - short, extremely aggressive songs that make for great crowd scream-alongs, and punishing breakdowns that induce slam dancing and stage dives. Their song "Abyss" had the biggest crowd reaction, with the crowd dogpiling on Expire's vocalist to sing along. If an opening band's duty is to warm up the crowd, Expire may have done it so well that they stole some energy from the acts that followed.

The next couple of bands had more of a meldoic take on hardcore music. The first was Counterparts from Ontario. Although their music is definitely a take on hardcore, it was focused more on melodic riffing and even contained some clean vocals - the only of the night. The crowd seemed a bit more subdued for Counterparts, especially compared to Expire, but there was a small contingent of fans up against the stage singing along with every song.

After Counterparts was the South Carolina-based Hundredth. Hundredth is a band that has blown up in popularity in a very niche-genre of melodic hardcore. Again, they performed with a lot of melody and more emphasis on riffing and vocals. They had a bit more reception from the crowd, especially on their final song "Desolate," which is probably their most straight-forward hardcore song. Lots of singing along and hardcore dancing for that one.

It's been a while since Los Angeles' Terror has been around these parts - they opened for Suicidal Tendencies in Kansas City back in 2008 and the 10 for $10 tour at the Midland with a myriad of bands, but that's it. Their reception was frenzies from before the first song even started. Frontman Scott Vogel is legendary in the hardcore scene for his crowd interaction, and that night was no different. Between songs, he'd get the crowd to move in, but made sure everyone knew there would be no violence and no fights tonight. "Friendly aggression" is what he called it. More than once, he reiterated that the stage was as much the crowd's as it was the band's, and the crowd took that to heart. During "Stick Tight" it seemed there were more people in the air stage diving than were on the floor at The Bottleneck. At one point, people were using the crowd-surfers near the front of the stage as launching points for their stage dives. It was truly insane, but everyone had smiles and were high-fiving and hugging each other throughout the show. Terror ripped through classic songs like "Out Of My Face," "Spit My Rage," and the old-school "Push It Away." It was far and away the most energetic, active, and absolutely crazy crowd that a Lawrence or Kansas City show has had in a very, very long time.

It was Scott Vogel's 40th birthday that night and he said that he believes in the power of hardcore. He believes that it can bring everyone together, no matter the race, religion, hair-length or anything else, and everyone can release some pent-up aggression for a couple of hours. It seems like Lawrence gave him the best birthday present he could ask for - a perfect hardcore show with the perfect hardcore audience.

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