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kevindeets 03-22-2014 09:29 AM

Know Lyfe -- Lansing, MI -- March 21st, 2014
Every year the band Know Lyfe hosts a cover show at The Loft in Lansing where the bands play a set of covers by a particular band. This was my first time attending. While it's cool that it's something unique, I am always skeptical when bands do covers. I'd usually rather hear a band's original music (even if it's awful) than covers. I know that probably sounds weird. I went into this show w/ an open mind, though. This show was also a benifit for the family of Know Lyfe's former drummer Matt, who died a few weeks ago.

[B]Damn Van Cannibals[/B] played first as THE WHITE STRIPES. I am not a fan of The White Stripes at all, but their set was excellent. Maybe I'll have to check out The White Stripes some more.

[B]Of Virtue[/B] was next. They were added to this show late because they were really good friends w/ Matt, and they wanted to play this show. So, they did a set of their own stuff instead of covers. I'm fine w/ that. They are going into the studio next month to record their new album called SALVATION. I can't wait for that CD! They played a few new songs as well. Check these guys out. They're amazing.

[B][U]Of Virtue setlist[/U][/B]
The Human Condition
Comfort Runs Thin
new song
So Nearly Free (new song)

A band frpm Lansing called [B]Pacifier[/B] played next as RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. Their set was super-fun. How could it not be? I mean, it is Rage, right?

[B][U]Pacifier as Rage Against The Machine setlist[/U][/B]
Bulls On Parade
Wake Up
Renegades of Funk
Killing In The Name

Next up was [B]Beats And Angles[/B] as TOOL. For the first few songs of their set they had a video screen playing the Tool videos along w/ them. Tool is one of the few bands that actually make great music videos, so that was cool.

[B][U]Beats And Angles as TOOL setlist[/U][/B]
46 & 2

Next was a KoRn tribute band from Chicago called[B] Freak on a Leash[/B]. They were excellent.

[B][U]Freak on a Leash setlist[/U][/B]
It's On
Freak on a Leash
Got The Life
Falling Away From Me
Here To Stay
My Gift To You

Next was a bamd called [B]Born[/B]. They were another late addition to the show after Matt's passing, so they didn't play a cover set. They did end their set, though w/ a cover of "The Tanbark Is Hot Lava" by Dredg. They said that was one of Matt's favorite bands. Mine, too! That was a cool surprise. Even without that Dredg cover, I thought Born was amazing! I'll check em out some more for sure.

[B]Devereaux[/B] played a set as GUNS N' ROSES. They came out even dressed as GnR. Their singer had a red-haired wig to look like Axl. Their guitarist had a black vest w/ no shirt, a cigarette hanging out of his mouth & a big top hat. Their bassist & drummer wore blonde wigs to look like Duff & Stephen. Thir set was amazing. They did a great job.

[B][U]Devereaux as Guns N' Roses setlist[/U][/B]
Welcome To The Jungle
You Could Be Mine
Don't Cry
November Rain (partial)
Sweet Child O' Mine
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Paradise City

[B]Know Lyfe[/B] was next. They were originally going to play a set as SYSTEM OF A DOWN, but after the passing of their former drummer they decided to play a few SOAD songs and then play some older Know Lyfe songs that Matt played on and enjoyed.

[B][U]Know Lyfe setlist[/U][/B]
Suite-Pee (SOAD cover)
Deer Dance (SOAD cover)
Toxicity (SOAD cover)
Veind & Vines

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