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crazymetalhead 02-27-2014 07:37 AM

Between the Buried and Me -- Montreal, Quebec -- February 26th, 2014
Venue: Virgin Corona Theatre
Opening Acts: Deafhaven, Intronaut, The Kindred

This was a bday gift to myself as it was just on Tues and it was my first time being to the Corona Theatre in Mtl, really nice venue, holds approx 750 ppl and considering I saw BTBAM at Club Soda (which is bigger) a year ago and it was packed, I assumed this show would sell out or be more full. However, it wasn't the case this time around. Still a good number of people there, but nowhere near the same turnout unfort. This also marked the first time that I actually sat back and watched a BTBAM show from afar. Ive taken pics and vids before from the floor many times but this time, I sat in the balcony and filmed the whole set from above. It was nice having a different perspective, it also made it easier on my arms so I wouldn't have to hold them up during the longer epic songs:cool:

I was running late from work and getting the kids supper before leaving Ottawa so I didn't get there until 745 and missed The Kindred. From what I seen online and heard as well, I didn't think I would enjoy them so no big loss really. When we got in, Intronaut were already on and we only saw the last 2.5 songs from them. I don't know them very well at all, they were pretty cool. I enjoyed their musicianship and will def look them up further in the future, but Im not sure I will be totally sold on them though. Last song was their best of the 2.5 we did see. No setlist for them unfort.

Next up were Deafhaven and after reading earlier reviews on here, I was worried about what to expect and sure enough, the reviews were spot on! The band itself, quite good, liked some of the blasts and heaviness, but very monotonous. THE worst part though was the vocalist! SUX!!! At one point, the drummer had to switch his snare and it took about 5 mins to fix. Meanwhile, the band just stood there onstage, wandered around and didn't say one word to the crowd! This is where your "leader" should take control of the situation and interact with the crowd, talk them up, say something...ANYTHING!!!! Instead we just got some static for 5 mins while waiting. Just turrible! At this point, it was time to grab a beer or two just to get through the rest of the set. Not going to check them out any further. That's all Im gonna say bout them and I said enough! Don't even wanna know the set for them!

Last were the saviours of the night! :party: As I mentioned earlier, this was the 2nd time seeing them in a years time for the Parallax II cycle and I know the other set they are playing on this tour and while it is jam packed with some great songs, I was still really looking forward to hearing it in full tonight. Well it def did not disappoint! I wont bother marking the set, if you cant figure it out by now...well :eyes:

From the opening sing along to Goodbye to Everything into Astral Body to when the floor erupted during Lay Your Ghosts to Rest, I knew we were in for another great performance by one of the best live bands Ive seen. These guys never disappoint! Extremophile Elite is such a great tune and it really got the floor going and had everyone singing along to it as well. Ive said it before in my review from last year's show and I'll say it again...Telos:horns: is just complete ferocity!!! The minute this song begins, you can almost feel the atmosphere and intensity increase! My favourite track off Parallax II. Then the surprising tune of the night, Bloom:rocker:! Its become a fan favourite and it was great to finally see it live! Looks like they are including it in the non-PII shows too which is great to see. From there, the last half hour of the PII set was just sheer brilliance with Melting City and Silent Flight Parliament and the terrific closer of the GTE Reprise! Knowing the previous sets, I assumed wed get Sun of Nothing as the encore and we did! Havent heard this in a while so it was nice, but I would have really liked to have heard an older cut or a medley from their earlier albums. Odd note-Paul actually introduced the encore after chatting to and thanking the crowd. Something I wasn't expecting.

Overall, the band were spot on as always! Tommy's vocals were great and powerful, Paul and Dusty are so complimenting to each other! Theyre one of the best 2 punch guitar combos out there! Dan's groove is unmatchable and Blake is just a BEAST on the drums!!! Could watch him play for hours! Crowd was great and very energetic and vocal as well! Good sing-a-longs and great pits all night. Last time, their were tons of crowd surfers and stage divers, this time around, only a few started and then security pretty much put a stop to it fast so it looked like no one attempted it again afterwards. All in all, another spectacular night of entertainment provided by one of my fav bands! Will never miss them when they are around! And neither should you!!!!

mankvill 02-27-2014 08:27 AM

So was BTBAMS set just the new album plus Sun of Nothing?

TheNobleFaceHumper 02-27-2014 03:08 PM

I thought they were playing a regular set? Wtf?

anomynous 02-27-2014 03:22 PM

The cities that didn't get the fall tour and getting Parallax II in full.

Well, basically from what I saw. St. Louis & KC are, and we didn't get the fall tour.

mastodon421 02-27-2014 05:51 PM

[QUOTE=TheNobleFaceHumper;560560]I thought they were playing a regular set? Wtf?[/QUOTE]

They are most places, a few stops on the tour get Parallax II from start to finish instead. And yes manks, the set is Parallax II+Sun of Nothing.

mankvill 02-27-2014 06:19 PM

[QUOTE=mastodon421;560583]They are most places, a few stops on the tour get Parallax II from start to finish instead. And yes manks, the set is Parallax II+Sun of Nothing.[/QUOTE]

That almost makes me want to not go. If it was any other openers than Deafheaven and Intronaut now, I dunno if I'd be attending.

crazymetalhead 02-28-2014 03:55 AM

[QUOTE=mankvill;560478]So was BTBAMS set just the new album plus Sun of Nothing?[/QUOTE]

As you saw already, yes it was Parallax II and Sun of Nothing. They had announced that the following dates would get it and the rest it would be what has already been posted as the alternate set.

2/26- Montreal, QC
2/28- Toronto, ON
3/7- Lawrence, KS
3/8- Omaha, NE
3/18- Sauget, IL
3/23- Charlotte, NC

As I mentioned too thou, I would have really enjoyed the alternate set, but man I'll tell ya, watching this in all its glory was just awesome!!:rocker:

TheNobleFaceHumper 02-28-2014 11:15 AM

Alright cool, as long as Tampa, FL date gets the regular set :party:

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