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christopher 01-26-2014 04:48 PM

My NAMM Experience
I had a lot of fun over the last week due to NAMM coming to town. I'm sure many of you know what NAMM is, but it is a giant music convention that takes place across the street from Disneyland at the beginning of each year. I have been wanting every year for the last decade, but have never been successful in getting a pass. I finally got one this year!!

It all start Wednesday night at the Metal Masters 5 concert in Downtown Disney. It was a mixture of everyone being in town for NAMM and the Philip Anselmo tour hitting up the area. I know some of you watched the live stream, but it was fucking awesome being there in person. It was a sold out show and very difficult to walk through the venue, but I was lucky in securing a spot right in the middle of the pit. It was really cool seeing the various musicians jamming out and covering classics. It was really cool seeing Chuck Billy cover Iron Maiden and Kiss, but it was also weird seeing him sing something that is not Testament. Chuck Bill walked off stage and then Phil Anselmo came out. I'm not sure if it was just me, but there was a vibe throughout the pit area that all hell was about to break loose. Everyone in the pit went ape shit when they starting playing some SOD. I used this opportunity to move my way up to the front and found a great place to watch the remainder of the show. I was so stoked to hear the various Pantera songs. It was weird seeing when all the musicians came on stage together at the end and playing Fuckin Hostile. I caught a pick from Rex and Chris Broderick.

The actual NAMM show started on Thursday, but I couldn't make it until Friday due to having class on Thursday. I arrived on Friday around 11am and got my badge and walked in. I was so overwhelmed by how much there was to see and what was going on. There were four giant ass halls on the first floor. I spent the next four hours walking up and down all the aisles. There were a lot of people playing various instruments. I could see lines everywhere for people to meet the various musicians that were signing at the various booths. I didn't wait to get any signatures that day. I just wanted to explore. I randomly met Alex Webster and got a photo with him. He told me about his new band Conquering Dystopa and how they were playing at the Grove of Anaheim the next night for the Schecter NAMM after party. I should have looked for the Schecter booth to get a ticket to the show, but I wasn't thinking at the time. I walked around until 3pm or so. At that time I went to drum clinic with Tim Yeung. It turned out to just be him taking pictures and signing photos of himself. He tried to play drums for a bit, but the kit he was using sounded terrible. He and Derek Roddy tried making the sound better, but it wasn't working. I decided to walk around a little more and left.

I got to the convention on Saturday around noon and had planned on going to a David Vincent signing session. I randomly saw him hanging out at the Dean booth. I noticed his name badge said "Evil D" on it and thought that was super lame. TonyD hit me up that he was at a Doyle signing and I decided to hit that up instead of the "Evil D" signing. :lol: Rex Brown was suppose to be signing too but he ended up leaving early. It was really cool to meet Doyle. He is fucking ripped!! He was super nice to talk to and I got a picture with him. After that, Tony and I split up for different signings. I went got in line to meet Vinne Paul. That line took forever. He was really nice to talk to and I got a picture with him. I went up to the Schecter booth to get a pass for the after party at the Grove because I found out Black Label Society and Kill Devil Hill were also playing. The security for the Schecter booth were being dicks to everyone because there were a lot of signings going on at that booth. They had the booth shut down for most of the day. A lot of people were trying to get passes and they kept telling people to come back in an hour and the booth would open back up and they could get a pass then. I kept coming back to hear the same info until the booth finally opened a little after 430. I got there to find out there were no more passes. I was very angry but soon found out Tony had an extra pass.

At 730, we all met up at the Grove for the show. Right away, they announced that there were FREE Jager, Coldcock whiskey and Arrogant Bastard for everyone until midnight! We could have as much of it as we wanted! Nothing beats free booze at a free BLS show!! There was even this cool game at the Jager tent. The Jager girls blindfolded us and spun us in a circle and we had to pim the cross on the Jager deer. After we did that, we had to smell different ingredients in Jager and guess what they were. After that, we were given a shot and told to guess the temperature. If we won, we got a free Jager shirt or hat. We all went to the front of the venue and watched the show and kept going back for more alcohol as the night went on. Kill Devil Hill was cool, but it was weird seeing Vinny Appice in that band. It just didn't seem to fit his style. We missed more of Conquering Dystopia due to the long beer line. The two songs I heard were amazing! Everyone needs to check them out. Instrumental death metal. BLS went on around 1030 and played for a little over an hour. I went to get some more Jager at 11 but they decided to cut off the free deal early. I asked the roadie for the setlist after BLS ended. He said sure and handed it to someone else. What a dick!! After the show, we ended up seeing part of a Van Halen tribute inside a Hilton. Definitely a fun party

I wanted to go again today and meet Dave Mustaine, but I was worn out. I'm so happy I was able to make it to NAMM and the NAMM concerts! :party: Here are a few pictures from the days.





marker 01-27-2014 01:02 PM

Sounds like you had a blast. When I saw that setlist for the Metal Masters 5, I was so pissed I didn't make it.
I have never been to Namm, but was able to get into the Schecter show last year at the Grove. I was able to get in for free thanks to a friend. I probably would have went this year but my friend was sick. Last year the main bands were Shinedown and Kyng. Not bad but a little boring and not my cup of tea.

TonyD 01-29-2014 10:48 AM

From my friend who's dad worked the show
[QUOTE]Apparently at NAMM my older brother tried to start a fight with Brent Heinds from the band mastodon which ended with Brent buying him a beer to defuse the conflict. And apparently as my brother received said beer he "booped" Brents nose and walked away laughing.[/QUOTE]


christopher 01-29-2014 11:13 AM

Whoops, I didn't realize I had photo bombed your photo with Doyle. Sorry about that. That post about Brent is pretty funny!! haha :lol:

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