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AnataFan4Life 01-15-2014 04:02 PM

Best in Brutality Tour

Broken Hope
Rivers of Nihil
Kublai Khan

Dates haven't been officially announced yet, but I might go if I get a date just to finally see Broken Hope.

And Oceano? Really?

MPF 01-15-2014 04:05 PM

...the fuck?

AnataFan4Life 01-15-2014 04:06 PM

[QUOTE=MPF;554395]...the fuck?[/QUOTE]

Yeah, this lineup is really awkward.

PVH5150 01-15-2014 04:11 PM

One date on Songkick

March 26th at Studio Seven in Seattle.

mankvill 01-15-2014 04:16 PM

Broken Hope and then [SIZE="7"][B][I][U]nothing[/U][/I][/B][/SIZE]

christopher 01-15-2014 04:19 PM

Torsofuck and Devourment aren't on this, so the tour name is a big lie.

AnataFan4Life 01-15-2014 04:21 PM

This tour needs Devourment on it instead of Oceano.

GarageMetal468 01-15-2014 04:29 PM


detuned 01-15-2014 04:35 PM

03/14 Austin, TX - SXSW
03/22 Lancaster, CA Industry Theater
03/26 Seattle, WA Studio Seven
04/17 Worcester, MA - NEMHF

Beagle 01-15-2014 05:17 PM

[QUOTE=mankvill;554401]Broken Hope and then [SIZE="7"][B][I][U]nothing[/U][/I][/B][/SIZE][/QUOTE]

Hey you, Fallujah is great!

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