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hellawaits77ny 12-30-2013 10:00 AM

Hellawaits77's Three-Quarter Asses End o' da Year List: V. 2013
MODS: Can you change the "asses" to "assed" in the title? Yep, nice job on that one by yours truly.

Here's my annual end o' da year list. I put slightly more effort into this year's edition, so it's more of a three-quarter assed effort than a half-assed effort. And for those that know my musical tastes, I'm predominantly a death metal guy. Mostly old school death and brutal death. Obviously, those are the subgenres I listen to most often. I do listen to other stuff, just not as much. Many of you will think this list is "one dimensional", and I'll admit my list isn't nearly as diverse as some. But as I've always said, I rank albums not on how "epic", "amazing", or "groundbreaking" they are, I simply judge them by how good they sound to my ears.

[B][U]In this thread I will post:[/U][/B]
Top 5 Live Performances (only went to 5 shows this year, so can't have a "worst of" list)
5 Biggest Disappointments
5 Most Pleasant Suprises
Top 25 Albums w/ short writeups
Top 25 Songs
Maybe a few other things

Here goes...............

hellawaits77ny 12-30-2013 10:11 AM

[B][U][SIZE="5"]Top 5 Live Performances[/SIZE][/U][/B]

[B][U]Honorable Mention[/U][/B]

June 17, 2013
@ Bogie's
Albany, NY

Biohazard is always an outstanding show. One of my favorite live bands of all times. Tons of energy, great stage presence, and just lot's of fun. Only thing that keeps this off the top 5 is the lame ass crowd. When Biohazard played in Albany last year, the place was packed and shit went down. Still an awesome show and a lot of fun.


hellawaits77ny 12-30-2013 10:14 AM


November 30, 2013
@ Tsongas Center
Lowell, MA

Gojira is a band that while I certainly don't dislike them, I never really listen to them. I've seen them as openers 3x now ('07, '09, and now this year, so it's cool to see how they've grown), and they've been outstanding every time. The atmosphere was outstanding, and they were SO fucking heavy live, it was great. Good crowd interaction, and the crowd really dug them. I'll do a more complete writeup of the show (as they were opening for Slayer) later in my list.

hellawaits77ny 12-30-2013 10:25 AM


Dying Fetus
August 27, 2013
@ Foufounes Electriques
Montreal, QC

Have seen DF 7x now, and I've yet to be disappointed. I live this venue in Montreal, great high stage and an outstanding PA. I got a filming pass from a buddy, so I was able to go to the VIP area. Unfortunately I found out just before they started that when I opened my camera's flip screen, the thing would shut off. SMDH. Had to film to whole show by looking through the lens. Not so fun. Was a solid setlist, (when does DF NOT have a solid set) saw a couple songs I'd never seen live before, and the crowd was intense. Lot's of movement. Some good looking ho's, too. Don't see that a whole lot it death metal.


hellawaits77ny 12-31-2013 04:01 AM


Dying Fetus
February 18, 2013
@ Nectar's
Burlington, VT

My buddy lives in Burlington and had been on my ass to go to Metal Monday's @ Nectar's, a bar he works at. It's actually a pretty nice bar with a small stage. Couldn't believe they got Dying Fetus to play. Figured a death metal show in a state full of hippies and pretentious douche bags (not everyone, so any Vermonter's don't take offense) would just be so-so. Not the case, place was fucking chaos from beginning to end. Whole floor was a fucking warzone. I had an area walled off for me to film, the barricade (which was heavy as hell) was blasted over, knocking the camera from my hands, almost shit a brick. Thankfully the ol' girl was fine (for the time being). Had to hold the camera, as the bass drum was so powerful it shook my tripod, which isn't a cheap one. To make things even sweeter, this bar has an outstanding beer selection, and tickets were $12.


hellawaits77ny 12-31-2013 04:06 AM


March 14, 2013
@ Bogie's
Albany, NY

Fun ass trip with 2 good friends. Hadn't seen Soilwork live since 2009. Have always thought they're an underrated band, and while their style isn't typically my thing, I really like these guys, and they are an outstanding live band. Speed's vocals live are just as good live as they are in the studio. Was a disappointing turn out in Albany, maybe 75-100 people, but the band still busted ass and put on a great show. Got loaded on Lowenbrau before the show, and kinda hung out and casually watched the openers. Can't remember all of 'em, but no one really stood out. Soilwork destroyed the place, played about 90 minutes which featured an awesome setlist. Wouldn't mind a real early song, or a song or 2 off of Sworn To A Great Divide, but still a great set. Got to chat w/ Speed after the show, seemed like a very nice guy.

Haven't gotten around to uploading vids. Only recently found the tape.

hellawaits77ny 12-31-2013 04:21 AM


November 30, 2013
@ Tsongas Center
Lowell, MA

I had mixed feeling about Slayer continuing after Jeff's passing, and downright negative feelings after they fired Dave. I still think the band should just bring Dave back, do a final worldwide farewell tour, and call it quits. But anyway............

I had told myself that I was done buying Slayer albums or seeing them live unless they were closeby, due to the aforementioned reasons. But after reading reviews here and a few other places about how excellent the first shows were on this tour, I decided to recruit the crew and do a little road trip for their Lowell show. Other than being slammed hungover from the night before, such an awesome show. I can't consider this the best Slayer show I've been to considering it was without Jeff, but I have no problem giving it the runner up out of the 9x I've seen them. The atmosphere was great, the floor was very intense for a North American crowd and the band was fucking outstanding. It was without a doubt the absolute best I've ever heard Tom sound at any of the shows I've seen. He didn't hold back at all. My friend, who's seen Slayer with me 3x andisn't a hardcore fan of the band said it was by far their best performance. Not only the best show of the year easily, might be in my top 10 of all time.


hellawaits77ny 12-31-2013 04:28 AM

[B][U][SIZE="5"]5 Biggest Disappointments[/SIZE][/U][/B]

These aren't neccessarily the 5 worst albums to my ears of the year, just the ones I was disappinted in the most.




Not a bad album, but absolutely nothing stood out to me, nor did this album ever make me want to play it again after I listened a few times. I thought the band were some fake ass hipsters (still do, to an extent), but I then saw them live at the 2012 Orion Fest and really enjoyed their performance, so I checked out their first album and liked it. Was excited to check this out, but was thoroughly disappointed. So bland and uninspired in comparison to their first album, it seems. One of my partners at work is in a rock band, older dude, outstanding guitar player, and during down time at work I'm always playing various metal for him. Some of which he likes, some he doesn't. When I played this, he says "Who the hell are these guys?" I gave him a brief history on the band and his response was "I don't care for it. Sounds like an average pop band trying to play Blue Oyster Cult." I almost couldn't believe it, cause that's about exactly how I'd describe this album. Not anything I'll ever listen to again.

hellawaits77ny 12-31-2013 04:31 AM



[B]Jungle Rot
Terror Regime[/B]

Now this one IS one of the worst albums I listened to this year. Never really cared a whole lot for JR's albums, but I think they're great live. Naturally, I checked this one out, and man, it's bad. SO boring. Boring and bland, absolutely nothing that made me want to listen to it again. I can't even say it's generic, because most generic death metal isn't terrible to my ears. This was awful. It was tough to listen to.

hellawaits77ny 12-31-2013 04:37 AM



The Divinity of Purpose[/B]

This isn't a bad album, it's just not that good. I still listen to a few songs on the album, but I find myself skipping most of it. After they streamed the first track, 'Put It to the Torch', I was excited cause I fucking loved that song. The rest, other than a few tunes, isn't great. Hatebreed had promised this album would be "all pit and no shit." Well, unfortunately, there is some shit. Some downright bad songs. This album is barely better than their last, which sucked. Jamey's voice isn't what it used to be (can't fault the guy), and a lot of the tunes are the same recycled riffs, and I don't find myself wanting to break things when I listen to this record, like I do with their first 4 albums. Again, not a bad album, but when a band that's in my personal Top 15 bands barely makes your Top 25 Albums OTY list, you know it's far from their best work.

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