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kevindeets 12-21-2013 10:46 AM

Battlecross -- Flint, MI -- December 20th, 2013
This show was billed as the 1st annual BattleChristmas. Lets hope Battlecross plays an annual Xmas show at The Machine Shop. This was a fantastic show, and I LOVE going to shows at The Machine Shop.

A band from Detroit called [B]Wulfhook[/B] played first. I'd never heard of them, but they were really cool. I could tell they are big fans and also heavily influenced by Iron Maiden, Dio, and 3 Inches of Blood. Let's put it that way. They were awesome!

[B]It Lies Within[/B] played next. They're a really cool metal band from Flint. They ended their set w/ a new song that they said very few people had heard before. I am not one of those few. That new song was definitely the highlight of their set, so I can't wait for their new record.

[B][U]It Lies Within setlist[/U][/B]
The Watcher
Home is Where the Heart Is
Redefined Identity
Thoughts of Nevaeh
We, The Betrayed
new song

[B]Wilson[/B] was next. The lead singer from Battlecross introduced them by saying, "I lost these guys in the ocean, but I found them. WWIILLLLSOONNNN!" (a reference to the movie "Cast Away"). That was funny. I've seen Wilson a bunch of times. They're really establishing a local following. The first few times I saw them I wasn't a huge fan because I just saw them as sort of a knock-off of Every Time I Die. Their sound has sort of evolved into something more their own in recent years, and they're always very good live. Their set was fun.

[B]Battlecross[/B] headlined and played their entire WAR OF WILL album before ending w/ "Push Pull Destroy." It was really cool to hear a lot of songs off of that record that I've never heard live before. Plus, the songs "Beast," "Flesh & Bone," and "Ghost Alive" are all killer! I really hope Battlcross makes this show an annual thing at The Machine Shop. What a fun night!

[B][U]Battlecross setlist[/U][/B]
Force Fed Lies
My Vaccine
Wage a War
Ghost Alive
Never-Ending Night
Never Coming Back
Flesh & Bone
The Will to Overcome
Get Over It
Push Pull Destroy

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