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velvetgrass 12-15-2013 02:24 PM

Phoenix -- Milwaukee, WI -- December 12th, 2013
This was the 2nd of 3 concerts in a row my mom and I went to last week. This was also the first of two nights in Milwaukee sponsored by local alternative station FM 102/1.

Bastille (7:01-7:30)-
Bad Blood
Things We Lost In The Fire
Laura Palmer

^ This was a band my mom really wanted to see live. I enjoy them as well. They're an indie-electronic band from London just starting to get fairly big in America. This past summer they were opening up for Muse in huge outdoor stadiums in Europe. Anyhow, they put on a good set. Their singer walked through the crowd as the band played Flaws. They seemed to enjoy the Milwaukee crowd as the singer took two pictures of them before he walked off stage. We also spotted the singer in the crowd later on watching Alt-J, which I thought was cool seeing him as a fan. We are actually going to see Bastille again on March 31 in Chicago, this time doing a headline show at the Riviera Theater in Chicago, which they actually just sold out.

Grouplove (7:51-8:40)-
I'm With You
Itchin' On A Photograph
Shark Attack
Bitin' The Bullet
Tongue Tied
Borderlines And Aliens
Ways To Go

^ This was my 2nd night in a row seeing Grouplove. I thought they were great the previous night in Rosemont (near Chicago), but I was blown away by their performance in Milwaukee. The audience was much more into it and so was the band. Their guitarist/co-lead vocalist said Milwaukee is his favorite city to play. For more comments on the band, check my review from Rosemont, Illinois that took place December 11.

Alt-J (9:02-9:58)-
Buffalo (currently unreleased song)
Something Good
Ripe & Ruin
Warm Foothills (currently unreleased song)
Guitar interlude
Dissolve Me
Hand Made
A Real Hero (College cover)

^ This was also my 2nd night in a row seeing Alt-J. I thought they were better on the first night in Rosemont (near Chicago). I like a lot of their songs, but since some of them sound similar to each other, when they played a longer set, it tended to drag on more. Also, Bastille and Grouplove did a lot to get the crowd involved, where Alt-J did a more straightforward set going through their songs which brought the energy down a bit. I still enjoyed it overall though. For more comments on the band, check out my review from Rosemont, Illinois which took place on December 11.

Phoenix (10:35-11:40)-
Too Young/Girlfriend
S.O.S. In Bel Air
Run Run Run
Trying To Be Cool/Drakkar Noir/Chloroform
Sunskrupt! (a medley of Love Like A Sunset and Bankrupt!)
Consolation Prizes
If I Ever Feel Better/Funky Squardance
Entertainment (instrumental reprise)

^ Phoenix were tied as my favorite performance of the night with Grouplove. For those who don't know, they are an indie-electronic band from France. They just got a new drummer this year, who is incredible and by all means helps take their shows to the next level. The singer went in the crowd twice during the show. He was in the middle of the pit during the song Rome and had the crowd hold him up for has last lines and he crowd-surfed back to the stage as the band played a mostly-instrumental reprise of the first song of the show Entertainment to end the show. An awesome way to end a concert.

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