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YippiCola 11-22-2013 07:02 PM

Soilwork -- Budapest, Hungary -- November 21st, 2013
haven't seen any recent Soilwork sets, so I thought I'd post a few thoughts about yesterday's show at Club 202 in Budapest, Hungary.

I've been sick and missing classes all week, but that wasn't going to stop me from seeing the band that made one of my favorite albums ever with The Panic Broadcast. (I also went to see Dark Tranquillity with a broken and tied up arm a few years ago, that's how committed I am about my swedish metal, haha.)

Keep of Kalessin opened the show. I've seen much worse opening acts, but they weren't really interesting either. Despite the abundance of blast beats, they sounded kind of empty (the bass was basically inaudible from where I was standing), maybe they could benefit from having a second guitar. After watching a few songs we ended up playing foosball for the rest of their set, but according to setlist.fm they played the following:

The Awakening
Dragon Iconography
Dark as Moonless Night
The Divine Land

Sybreed was originally supposed to play next, but they dropped off the tour before it began, which I was bummed about as I really would have loved to see Doomsday Party, but whatever. Time for the maestros!

Soilwork were almost perfect, my only problem being that due to my illness, I was totally exhausted in about 4-5 songs into the set and could barely sing anything. The band sounded great though, the set was basically flawless, I only noticed a couple of sung lines (like "won't you play with me" in Weapon of Vanity") getting skipped, I guess probably because neither Flink or David are good clean vocalists? They did provide some ballsy growls from time to time, though. The audience needed a couple minutes to really get into party mood, but by the third song people were shoving into me constantly (I usually stand in the middle, just behind the pits). The main set's highlights for me were Spectrum (still can't believe how intense that song is), Let This River Flow, Misanthrope, and Nerve (LOUD singing), but the encore just took things to a whole new level. I was so pumped to hear Late for the Kill that even though by that point I was almost a zombie, I just had to throw myself in and start a circle pit (which only survived until the moment Dirk came in with the blasts before it got destroyed by moshers though). Then finally we got Rejection Role and Stabbing with their ultimate sing-along choruses. My voice is so worn out now that I can barely even utter three words, but I cannot wait till they come back here again.

This Momentary Bliss
Like the Average Stalker
Weapon of Vanity
Spectrum of Eternity
Follow the Hollow
Parasite Blues
Distortion Sleep
Bastard Chain
Let This River Flow
Long Live the Misanthrope
The Chainheart Machine
Rise Above the Sentiment

Late for the Kill, Early for the Slaughter
Rejection Role
Stabbing the Drama

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