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MPF 11-14-2013 11:39 AM

MPF's 2013 Music In Review
Hey Guys!

This year has been a hellacious ride for me so far. One thing that has helped me through it all is all the music I have received this year. by the end of this thread I will have reviewed 388 albums (What the fuck is wrong with me for doing so many???)

It will be the same as past years except this year, I will be doing a top 50, instead of 20. And also any complaints about me not reviewing an album....please look back to the very first paragraph here and remember how many albums I am reviewing, it's over one a day for a year.

Later tonight, the fun will begin!

But until then here is my top 21 LEAST favorite albums that I posted in the 2013 Thread:

1.) Anthrax- Anthems
The covers just don't work for me. I've tried but it just feels bland and very forgettable.

2.) Avenged Sevenfold- Hail to The King
I don't hate it for the reasons most people give abut them ripping bands off. to me, I don't like the album because it is all at the same tempo with very little variation between the songs. Just one long mid tempo bore fest.

3.) Black Flag- What The...
Only a couple member of Black Flag are still in Black Flag, the good members are in Flag. This album feels tiresome. I'm wanting Flag to put out a album next year to show people how it's done.

4.) Blackfield- IV
It's not so much as it is bad as it is disappointing. It's not the same without Steven Wilson doing more then just guest singing on a couple songs.

5.) Bullet For My Valentine
Temper Temper- Just God Awful. Tears Don't fall Pt. 2? Seriously? I used to be a huge supporter of these guys. thank you for letting me down for so many years now. Enjoy touring with In This Moment, Halestorm, and other wretched bands.

6.) Dark Moor- Ars Musica
....The Fuck happened? They used to be the pinnical of Symphonic Power Metal. Now they are making cheesy Power Rock ala modern day Sonata Arctica. Its so sad.

7.) Doyle- Abominator
Total Pantera Ripoff with Doyle of the Misfits on vocals...no thanks...

8.) Dreariness- My Mind Is Too Weak To Forget
The In this Moment of Atmospheric Black Metal, except instead of In This Moment, the music is indeed stellar. But is absolutely ruined by the female vocal screams. They sound like labor pains. nobody wants that.

9.) Gatherer- Stuck Between A Rock and a Sad Place
Their last album was a fantastic album filled with variety and mashing of different music styles. This album is a Post Rockish Emo album with Post Hardcore vocals, again, no thanks.

10.) Huntress- Starbound Beast
Another example of a band who put out a killer first album and then start to suck. They will become the next In This Moment. The debut album is great and the decline will keep happening until they are making dubstep songs about being a whore.

11.) Kylesa- Ultraviolet
NO, it's not just because Laura Pleasants is a total bitch, but this album didn't do anything for me. Honestly the only album that held weight to me was Static Tensions, which is still a great album, but anything before or since just doesn't click....and Laura Pleasants is a total bitch.

12.) Megadeth- Super Collider
Risk II: Electric Boogaloo

13.) Brutal Truth/Bastard Noise- Axiom Of Post Humanity
I know this isn't in alphabetical order but I forgot this one. Pure utter Garbage! Merzbow is more listenable and compelling than this. I love Brutal Truth to death but what the fuck happened? the album is literally just noise, like listening to SYL's Info Dump on an infinite loop while mixing in Mike Patton's Adult Theme For Voices. Just god awful!

14.) Mutiny Within- Synchronicity
One of the biggest disappointments in my eyes. I love the first album to death and they were incredible when I saw them open for Sonata Arctica. This album just feels so bland and boring compared to the first album, and it breaks my heart. In speaking of that it feels like there is zero heart behind this album, that they just released it to put an end to the band. Honestly, I wish they had just kept it to the first album.

15.) Queens Of The Stone Age- ...Like Clockwork
I didn't say this quote but it fits perfect. "This is Josh Homme's attempt to be soft. And that is not his forte." One rocking song on the whole album, the rest is so subdue, it's boring. That's not what I want in a QOTSA album.

16.) Riverside- Shrine To The New Generation Slaves
They finally won me back with their last album, but this made me lost them again. Not much variation of even enjoyment in this album at all. Just the bland side of Prog that made me lost them in the first place. Sigh, oh well.

17.) Stone Sour- The House Of Gold And Bones Part 2
After redeeming themselves with Part 1, Part 2 falls short...VERY short. That is very disappointing to me because Part 1 is their best work to date and seeing them put out a substandard album is just sad. It's far from their worst, but overall it is disappointing.

18.) Suicidal Tendencies- 13
Stop...just stop!

19.) Voivod- Target Earth
They just aren't doing it for me anymore. Ever since the Self Titled album, its been a downhil slide for Voivod in my eyes, and it's not their fault, when you lose a main songwriter in your band, you are bound to have some kind of a change. I just wish it wasn't for the worst.

20.) Volbeat- Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies
The album should really be called One good song Featuring King Diamond and a bunch of shitty County Rock songs. again it's not JUST because Michael and Jon are the two biggest douchebags i ever encountered in my times of doing band interviews. It is because they are starting to suck. this album shows it with allt he Stell guitar and Country jargon. it sucks. Except the song with King Diamond, that is still good.

21.) 75-90% of all the Black Metal I received:

I love Black Metal to Death. Atmospheric Black Metal is my favorite form, amongst all the variations of Black Metal out there. But who decided that just because the early day Black Metal bands sounded like shit on recordings that has to be a standard to live up to in 2013? They could be good bands or solo projects, but NOOOOO! the production just kills it for me. The static, the horribly programmed drums, the vocals that actually deserve auto tune. ALL OF IT! There was still a ton of fantastic Black Metal that came out this year, but so much sucked just on production alone.

MPF 11-14-2013 06:45 PM

Sorry guys, I had full intentions of starting this tonight, but I am having some problems tonight that make it impossible to do. I will try for Saturday night to get things rolling.

mankvill 11-14-2013 06:58 PM

I really liked the new Kylesa

and what black metal did you hear you prog nerd >:I

MPF 11-14-2013 07:03 PM

[QUOTE=mankvill;546742]I really liked the new Kylesa

and what black metal did you hear you prog nerd >:I[/QUOTE]

Roughly 4 GBs worth.

I enjoy almost every genre, not just Prog. You K Pop Nerd

Datjazzfusion 11-19-2013 08:42 AM

Are you okay?

Sepultura69 11-19-2013 03:37 PM

[QUOTE=MPF;546687]Megadeth- Super Collider
Risk II: Electric Boogaloo[/QUOTE]


John The Drummer 11-23-2013 09:09 AM

[QUOTE=Datjazzfusion;547064]Are you okay?[/QUOTE]

Sounds like he is back in the hospital and may have a blood issue that would involve him needing to take shots :(

jhdeity 11-23-2013 11:09 AM

Well said on all accounts so far... The fact some people think Super Collider is good makes me want to projectile vomit

MPF 11-24-2013 05:06 AM

Hey guys I am back, can't say for how long but I am back and I WILL get to this thread starting today sometime.

illuminatus917 11-24-2013 05:25 AM

[QUOTE=MPF;547557]Hey guys I am back, can't say for how long but I am back and I WILL get to this thread starting today sometime.[/QUOTE]

Did you call Tom G. Warrior's ex-lover a cunt?

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