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tenchimyo 10-16-2013 08:46 PM

Deicide -- West Springfield, VA -- October 4th, 2013
[URL="http://heavymetalcowboysteve.blogspot.com/2013/10/deicide-broken-hope-disgorge.html"]Full review[/URL]

I'm not a big Deicide/Broken Hope/ Disgorge fan, but I did want to catch a heavy show after a loooong day at work.

Krass Judgement- local thrash band, good opening riffs, but nothing standout

Necronomicon caught me off guard cause I didn't have chance to check em out before seeing them. I enjoyed their Behemoth/Dimmu Borgir like black metal.

Disgorge IMO had horrible vocals, but the crowd loved them and were very physical!

Broken Hope also had shit vocals, but has better, more structured guitar work. I think that's what I liked about them. The crowd also was relentless in their energy for them

Deicide seemed to play a different set from what I see reported here and on setlist.fm. I only knew a handful of Deicide songs, and caught the titles of the middle ones. Maybe someone else can confirm/deny


[B]Krass Judgement (7:06- 7:36)[/B]
[LIST][*]?[*] Unwanted[*] Vengeance[*] It's All Me[*] ?[*] Demon Bitch[/LIST]
Necronomicon (7:56- 8:23)[/B]
[LIST][*]?[*] Into the Fire[*] Time is Now[*] Rise of the elder ones[*] The end of times[*] From Beyond[/LIST]

[B]Disgorge (8:46- 9:09)
[/B][LIST][*]?[*] Cranial Impalement[*] Womb Full of Scabs[*] ?[*] ?[*] ?[/LIST]


Cranial Impalement
Womb Full of Scabs
Revelation XVIII
She Lay Gutted
Deranged Epidemic
Exhuming The Disemboweled
Consume The Forsaken

[B]Broken Hope (9:28-10:10)[/B]
[LIST][*]?[*] ?[*] ? the ? is in ? (new)[*] He Was Raped[*] Swamped in Gore[*] ..of?[*] (new) 3 words[*] (from relapse) Bitter[*] Impending Doom?[*] ?what maggots eat- hobo stew?[*] (new) of pain?[*] ?[*] ?[/LIST]
(another date had

Felching Vampires
Dilation and Extraction
The Docking Dead
Womb of Horrors
Swamped in Gore
The Dead Half
Pitbull Grin
Gore Hog
Predacious Poltergeist
Hobo Stew
Into the Necrosphere
He Was Raped
The Flesh Mechanic

Deicide (10:32- 11:45)[/B][LIST][*]?[*] ?[*] ?[*] ?[*] Serpents of the dark[*] Save Your[*] Hang in Agony Until You're Dead[*] Conviction[*] Trifixion[*] Dead but Dreaming[*] Children of the Underworld[*] Witness of Death[*] Desecration( last time?)[*] ?[*] ?[*] ?[*] Deicide[/LIST]
(setlist.fm reports on 10/2 -

Homage for Satan
Dead by Dawn
Once Upon the Cross
Scars of the Crucifix
When Satan Rules His World
Serpents of the Light
Save Your
Hang in Agony Until You're Dead
Dead but Dreaming
Children of the Underworld
Witness of Death
Sacrificial Suicide
Lunatic of God's Creation
Oblivious to Evil
Behind the Light Thou Shall Rise )

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