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kevindeets 10-15-2013 05:34 PM

Between The Buried & Me -- Detroit, MI -- October 13th, 2013
Unfortunately I had to miss Deftones. Their tour w/ Avenged Sevenfold was the same night, and I bought my ticket to this show before the Deftones show was announced. Oh well, I would've chosen this tour anyway. I just saw Deftones w/ Metallica in June, and I very much prefer shows in clubs to arena concerts anyway. Plus I didn't want to drop $50 on a ticket. Still bummed about missing Deftones, though.

On with the show I actually attended... [B]The Safety Fire[/B] played first. I had never heard of them, but HOLY COW they completely stole the show! They were amazing! I need to get their CDs like, NOW! I'm glad I got there early.

Next was [B]The Contortionist[/B], the main reason I was at the show. They're one of those bands that totally blew me away the first time I saw them, and I've been a huge fan ever since. They were excellent again at this show, but I wish they played a longer set.

[B][U]The Contortionist setlist[/U][/B]
Geocentric Confusion
Anatomy Anomalies

[B]The Faceless[/B] were next. I'd heard a lot about them but never heard their music before. They were good, but nothing to write home about.

[B]Between The Buried and Me[/B] headlined. Once again, this set was completely different than all of the other times I've seen them. That is a huge part of what makes them such a great live band. It's a totally unique experience every time. I knew that they were going to play their entire new record on this tour, so that took a bit of the surprise out of it. Nevertheless, it's always a fantastic show when you see them live. The highlight was "Lay Your Ghosts to Rest." To be honest, though, the first 2 bands on the bill owned the night, in my opinion.

[B][U]Between the Buried and Me setlist[/U][/B]
Goodbye to Everything
Astral Body
Lay Your Ghosts to Rest
Extremophile Elite
The Black Box
Melting City
Silent Fight Parliament
Goodbye to Everything Reprise
White Walls

anomynous 10-15-2013 06:42 PM

The Contortionist only playing Intrinsic material is the dumbest shit ever

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