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justinm4bama 09-23-2013 10:17 AM

Vader -- Atlanta, GA -- September 22nd, 2013
Sunday night show so the venue has to be closed by 12 AM because of some weird ordnance the city has. Because of that there's usually not a big crowd for any shows on Sunday, and just the fact that its Sunday in the South. By the time they opened doors though there were already about 50 people in line, and about 150 by time Vader started.

Mindscar opened the show who replaced Extremely Rotten. Some death metal band from Orlando that has like two demos out, but out of the first three bands to open they were the best one. They had the most variety and it was easy to pick up which song is which because of the different feels and tempo changes they had through out their set. I don't have their set and they didn't have any of their demos for sale, but I wouldn't mind seeing this band again at all! They have a lot of potential. 8.5/10

Execration was up next. Took 15 minutes for them to set up and they started 10 minutes early because they all had to do their sets and be done by midnight. I liked Execration a lot, reminded me of Deicide's Scars of the Crucifix album for what they sounded like. I talked to the vocalist after the set who was selling their merch. He said that the whole set came off the new album and one song from the old album. Just an impulse buy I bought their new album and I'll be giving that a listen here real soon. 8/10

Sacrificial Slaughter I've at least heard of before this show. Haven't checked them out until last night, but I thought they were okay. Sound was good and everything, but they need a little more variety in their songs for me to be able to pick up on them more. Wouldn't mind seeing them again and they have potential to get better and they sounded really tight live. 7/10

After I talked to Execration's vocalist I went over and talked to Vital's vocalist who was also selling merch. He seemed like a really nice and I asked him about the line up changes. He basically said that its a long story, but with child support, marriage, money, personality issues, etc. was the main reason for the change. I asked him about Infernaeon (he use to be the vocalist for them) and he said they stabbed him and the back and was done with the band. Sucks to hear about things like that happen, but I'm so glad he's in Vital now.

Seen Vital twice in 2010 with that line up, and now with a different vocalist, guitarist, and drummer I was interested in seeing how it was going to turn out especially with them playing an old song "Descent Into Hell". Damn! I was blown away with how much energy, how they sounded, and how tight they were live! Fucking huge difference in the band since 2010, and after seeing them last night I knew Vader wasn't going to be able to top it, and I was right. I talked to Tony after the show, and he said they're currently working on a new album and will record when all the touring is done. 9.5/10

Vital Remains:

Where Is Your God Now
Icons of Evil
Scorned :rocker:
Descent into Hell :rocker:
Hammer Down the Nails

I've been waiting a while to see Vader, and last night was my first time seeing them. They started right on time (10:40) and were slotted only an hour to play. They started off with a bang and it stayed that way the whole set. Song after song went by with barely any time in between, and the way they were playing just got you sucked right into it, and it felt like no time at all that they were done because that's exactly what happened.

Amazing band and great set, but damn they played 13 songs in 45 minutes and that was their set. They were done at 11:25 and a headliner should play at least an hour and a half. Vital Remains got just as much time as Vader did, and with 15 minutes left of play time they just didn't bother with it. I was pretty disappointed with that, and plus there wasn't much crowd interaction at all. But oh well they were fucking awesome and I would love to see them again if they played longer as a headliner.

After the show I got a picture with Peter (Vader's vocalist) and he was a little standoffish, but was cool about getting a picture with him. My buddy was saying that the other members of Vader were kind of rude so we didn't bother with the rest of the band. 9/10

Sothis :rocker:
Vicious Circle
Fractal Light :rocker:
Reborn in Flames
Silent Empire
Return to the Morbid Reich :rocker:
Come and See My Sacrifice
Decapitated Saints
Dark Age :rocker:

Helleluyah!!! (God Is Dead) :rocker:

bigguytoo9 09-23-2013 12:35 PM

45 Minutes for Vader.. damn, I would be happy with any Vader live really. Such a short set though.

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