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rjturtle9 09-16-2013 11:38 AM

Battle for San Bernardino -- Devore, Ca -- September 13th, 2013
Ok, so since you one of you asked for it, and I easily fall to peer pressure, here goes nothing.

I arrived to the venue around noon due to the extremely early door time, and I wanted to see every band on the bill and I expected a huge traffic jam getting to the largest outdoor amphitheater in North America. To my shock, there was no traffic. The parking lot was not even close to being half full either. I easily snagged a spot next to a couple of my buddy's cars, so we had a mini party outside. A few minutes after I showed up, my mother, a victim of Iron Maiden's paperless ticket deal, showed up and parked right next to all of us too, prompting many of my friends to hide their beers. She's cool though, she didn't give a damn. My mom had to get my lil bro and his two friends in since they used her credit card to buy tickets. I grabbed a beer and went straight to the outdoor merch booth to snag a shirt, but that was pointless, since all their smalls were sold out, so I bought a program instead. After another beer, I decided to get in line to enter the venue. Lucky I didn't have to wait long since I cut in with my mom and my lil bro and his people in line.

Once inside I went straight to four merch booths, and not one had the shirts I wanted in my size. How the hell does Maiden not have size small in any of their shirts 25 minutes after doors open?! I knew I was going to leave without a shirt, and that was a bummer.

So after having no luck with merch, I went to check out the second stage. It was located right next to one of the restrooms. Weird set up, I feel like they should have gotten more locals and had the side stage where they put it for Mayhem or Ozzfest. Having the stage right at the end o the concourse area made it almost impossible to walk around in the area for the opening bands.

Warbringer was up first and they had a pretty large crowd for being up first. They played some new songs from their upcoming fourth album, and they didn't sound band at all. They got a huge pit going for Living in a Whirlwind, and got a huge response for Combat Shock. I know john has always wanted to open for iron Maiden, and seeing them finally do it was very cool indeed. After their set I congratulated him and the band. All their hard work is paying off.

1. Living Weapon
2. Severed Reality
3. Wake Up...Destroy
4. Scars Remain
5. The Turning of the Gears
6. Living in a Whirlwind
7. Combat Shock

After Warbringer, I decided to test my luck and walk to the other concourse area located on the other side of the venue to see if any merch showed up. Anyone that has been to that venue knows that it's a decent length walk. And it was all a waste of time. No merch booth at all on that side of the field. By the time I walked back Overkill was already into Rotten to the Core. I managed to snag a spot in a shaded tent area to watch their set. The heat was unbearable, but that didn't stop Overkill from putting on a hell of a performance. I'm not really an Overkill fan. I hardly ever listen to them on my own time, but I try to see them live as often as possible. They bring it live! Bobby joked around about playing the "Men's Room Stage" and made comments about the heat. Highlight of the set was Elimination. They're fan base was there in full support and they really showed it during Elimination and Fuck You. More bands need to take note of Overkill's live show. They go hard, even in the 100+ degree weather.

1. Come & Get It
2. Rotten to the Core
3. Wrecking Crew
4. Bring Me The Night
5. Electric Rattlesnake
6. Ironbound
7. Hammerhead
8. Elimination
9. Fuck You

After Overkill I made my way to my seats. There were three of us that had seats together in the first few rows of Orchestra 3. I had a great view of everything and would much rather be there than in the crush of the pit. Sabaton came up and started their set in usual fashion with Ghost Division. I noticed that they had a huge fan base in attendance, which was good since this bill was dominated by thrash bands. Their singer brought a kid onstage and gave him his sunglasses. I felt their set was a little underwhelming though. It wasn't bad, but I know they could have chosen a better set that better catered to the crowd they were playing for. All in all though, they got a damn good reaction from everyone, and that's all that mattered.

1. Ghost Division
2. Carolus Rex
3. 40:1
4. Swedish Pagans
5. The Art Of War
6. Primo Victoria
7. Metal Crue

Next up was Testament. I didn't really expect much from them to be honest. Seems like their setlists lately have been pretty boring, but that's just my opinion. They took way too long to set up before their set. Four minutes after their scheduled start time someone spoke into the PA that they needed to start now and cut some songs. Way to put Testament on the spot in front of 15,000 metal fans right? They started right after that, whether they were ready or not. Although I didn't really care for their set, the majority of the audience did, and they showed it. Testament had about 5 pits going on at the same time during Into The Pit and the fans gave a huge thunderous roar after every song. Chuck looked to be having more fun than usual onstage too, and Alex and the rest of the guys were all smiles the whole set. They did a great job in getting the crowd pumped for the next three bands.

Rise Up
The New Order
Practice What You Preach
Into The Pit
Native Blood
3 Days In Darkness

From here I retreated back to the concourse and ran into a very close friend of mine, and ended up chilling with her in the lawn for Anthrax. I had high hopes for Anthrax, but I felt that they were the most disappointing band of the night. They brought their usual energy to the show, but that setlist was just too weak. Everyone seemed to dig them from the lawn though, and they got their cheap pop before In The End when they dedicated it to Dime and Ronnie. I might have had more fun if I had been in my seat, but still, that setlist was too lackluster. I think it had to do with testament taking to long, i don't know, but that set was too short and weak for Anthrax.

Caught In A Mosh
In The End
I Am The Law

After Anthrax I retreated back to my seat for Megadeth. Last couple of times I've seen Megadeth they were boring. And Dave is an asshole. But my opinion of their live shows changed this night. Dave left the political bullshit at home and played through their set flawlessly. Even though the set was pretty generic, it was still awesome. Tornado of Souls is always fun live, and Kingmaker even sounded pretty cool live. Highlight for me was In My Darkest Hour. All the guys seemed to be having a blast on stage. One bad thing about this set though was I began to notice the horrible sound quality of the sets. I didn't worry about ti too much for the previous main stage bands, but here it was painfully obvious. Leads and vocals were hard to hear in many parts of the set, and sadly, it wouldn't be fixed for Iron Maiden either. But despite that, Megadeth killed! And their response was second best of the night. We all know who was first.

Hangar 18
Wake Up Dead
My Darkest Hour
Sweating Bullets
Tornado of Souls
Symphony of Destruction
Peace Sells
Holy Wars

After Megadeth I went straight to the beer lines. The lines were way too long! I didn't get back to my seat till the very last few seconds of Doctor Doctor. Fuck beer lines. Just had to throw that in there.

As the lights dimmed and Maiden's intro started, my excitement grew and grew, but once the pyro hit and Maiden stormed the stage, I was instantly transported to a state of awe that only Iron Maiden can bring. Moon child was cool but from Can I play with Madness and on, it was nothing but singing at the top of my lungs and crying like a bitch. That's what Maiden does! I can go on and on about their set, but everything has been said already about them on this tour. You haven't lived until you've sang the choruses of The Prisoner, The Trooper, Run to the Hills, and Aces High at the top of your lungs. Hell, all the choruses! Bruce and the boys looked top shape the whole performance! Out of all 7 times I've seen them, this was by far the best. Sound problems didn't matter when the gods are in front of you. A couple fans jumped on stage but got their asses kicked by security quicker than you can say "Kick his ass!" I know, I shouted it each time. Highlight of the show? THE WHOLE SHOW! PERIOD! Iron Maiden is the best heavy metal band in the world, and if you didn't see them this tour, you missed out.

[U]Iron Maiden[/U]
Can I Play With Madness :bliss:
The Prisoner :bawling:
2 Minutes to Midnight
Afraid To Shoot Strangers :light:
The Trooper :uk::shred:
The Number of The Beast
The Phantom of The Opera :drool:
Run To The Hills :light:
Wasted Years :blaze:
Seventh Son of A Seventh Son :drool:
The Clairvoyant
Fear of The Dark :light:
Iron Maiden
Aces High :drool::eek::shred:
The Evil That Men Do :horns:
Running Free


christopher 09-16-2013 11:48 AM

Why didn't you just add this to the thread that was already made for this show that you already posted in? :lol: Great review though!

rjturtle9 09-16-2013 11:48 AM


The car ride back home was the complete opposite of the epiclly fun time we had at the show.

First off, it took us 2 hours from after the show ended to get out of the parking lot. Then once we were finally out, we were stuck in traffic for another hour in a stretch of about 6 miles due to road work. We stopped somewhere in Ontario for gas. now, everyone in my car was asleep and I was falling asleep behind the wheel while we were stuck in traffic. I had to drive all the way to Pico Rivera, then to Long Beach, then back to Pico. People familiar with the area knows that that would have taken about an hour and half. So I bought three energy drinks (it was a sale). I drank one on the way to Pico, but it didn't kick in, and I was still having trouble with the drive and staying awake, so I downed another one on the way to Long Beach, and the third on the way back. I didn't know that they took about an hour to kick in (I never drink any caffeine, whether it be energy drinks, soda, or coffee) and that, plus my small body weight and my lack of food throughout the day, set this up for disaster. When i got home I was wide awake. I wasn't sleeping anytime soon, so i went to a friend's house. Half way there, the other two hit me. It was the scariest feeling ever! My mind and body were moving at 100mph independently of each other! I had no control of myself. My friends were ready to beat my ass because they thought I was on crack cocaine or some shit, but I explained to them what happened, and they took care of me. It was a scary experience. I had 48 ounces of energy drink in me. It was brutal! I never want to drink any again, fuck that!

rjturtle9 09-16-2013 11:49 AM

[QUOTE=christopher;541300]Why didn't you just add this to the thread that was already made for this show that you already posted in? :lol: Great review though![/QUOTE]

They told me not to! :lol:

EDIT: Sorry if the review had spelling errors and seemed rushed. I just woke up and I'm recovering from last night's Night of Champions party.

PowerMaiden 09-16-2013 12:03 PM

cool review Turtle sound like a great time except for the aftershow (I have never drank an energy drink in my life)

and yes Maiden are the best at what they do

ps: Are the new Warbringer songs any good ?

Cheers !

rjturtle9 09-16-2013 12:38 PM

New Warbringer songs sounded cool! I can't wait for the new album.

The Ghost at Number One 09-16-2013 12:59 PM

It was actually Chuck's voice that came through the PA before Testament's set. He was telling the sound guy to roll their intro tape, or else they'd have to cut songs. I thought Testament was good, but it's definitely my least favorite time seeing them. I thought Chuck struggled a bit, and the band had a few odd timing issues.

Fucking phenomenal day of metal, though. No question.

adace1 09-16-2013 01:40 PM

This is one of the best lineups I've ever seen. God how I wish this tour would come to LA (I know SB is only a few hours drive but I had no means of getting there). :mad:

marker 09-16-2013 05:08 PM

Good review dude. Two hours to get out of the parking lot? We bailed right towards the end of Running Free, and it still took us around an hour to get out. I don't feel bad now as it took others much longer to get out, and the traffic on the freeway wasn't too bad afterwards.
I really thought the side stage would be somewhere else too, not right next to the shitter.

energymetal14 09-16-2013 05:39 PM

Awesome review, sounds like an amazing time!! Wish I could have made it to one of these shows, especially this one. And 3 energy drinks almost all at once? That must have been freaky. I drink them all the time and I'm even crazy hyper after only 2.

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