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kevindeets 09-01-2013 08:51 PM

Collective Soul -- Naperville, IL -- September 1st, 2013
This was a show called the Naperville Last Fling, which was sort of an end-to-the-summer festival. [B]Collective Soul[/B] headlined. A few songs into their set they said they were gonna play all those songs we've heard way too much over the last 19 years, but we were gonna enjoy every minute of it. They were right. The setlist was pretty much what I expected (their hits), but they did throw in a few songs that they don't ALWAYS play, like, "Tremble For My Beloved," "She Said," "Needs," "Better Now," and the big surprise "Sister Don't Cry." In the middle of "Hollywood" they covered a snippet of Pete Townsend's "Let My Love Open The Door." Unfortunately since a big thunder storm was coming in they had to cut their set short. That was understandable, though, because by the time we got to our car 5 minutes after they finished it was absolutely pouring like crazy. I'm assuming the songs that got cut at the end were "Shine," "Run," and possibility 1 or 2 more. Like I always say about about Collective Soul, their setlists are pretty predictable, but I still go see them every chance I get. They are a fantastic live band, and they write great songs. Setlist:

Tremble For My Beloved
She Said
Why Pt. 2
Where The River Flows
Sister Don't Cry
Hollywood / Let My Love Open The Door
Better Now
The World I Know

markrz 09-02-2013 05:11 AM

[QUOTE=kevindeets;539899]and the big surprise "Sister Don't Cry." [/QUOTE]

Awesome. Wish I could've seen that. Or any song from Hints. Run is a great track but I was disappointed by the way they played Shine when I saw them do it. They played it much faster than it should be and you could tell they were just doing it because they had to, like it was a chore. I don't like when bands clearly just want to get it over with. (Uriah Heep did the same thing with The Wizard - super fast, no enthusiasm.)

Nick_to_the_face 09-05-2013 05:47 AM

I'm really only familiar with their first two albums, but I absolutely love those albums and would have loved to seen them just to see the songs I know. Are their other albums worth checking out?

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