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Motorvatin 08-31-2013 06:49 AM

The Goddamn Gallows -- Memphis, TN -- August 28th, 2013
Bottom of the Barrel was the opening act and their name was very appropriate, but took a pic of their setlist, so here it is:

Old Bones
Getting Arrested
Baby Don't Do It
Ain't A Good Thing
Daddys Song
Tony Hunt
Drinking Alone
After Today
Too Damn Long (I was thinking the exact same thing about their set)
Better This Way
Whiskey's the Reason I Drink

Up next was the Calamity Cubes and they were fantastic. Very high energy.
Songs with a ? I do not know the title, just put some lyrics.

Anchor's Way
Rock Chalk
Devil in her Eyes
Delia Rose
?Tell them stories, heard them all, we all fall down? (with Baby G & Mikey)
?House of Spades? (with Baby G, Mikey, Joe and Fishgutzzz)
Ivan (with Baby G & Mikey)
?Freeway Baby?
Gold Light (the three members played out in the audience, almost got nailed by the bass a couple times)

Now the Goddamn Gallows, they were on fire. They didn't play the entire set that they had on their setlist. I grabbed one and it was written on a page torn from some porn mag. They skipped 3 songs after the Maker (Ragz n Bones, End of the World, Ragtime Sinner). They started about 11:50pm and played until about 1am.

47 Crosses
Ghost of th' Rails
Y'all Motherfuckers Need Jesus
7 Devils
Save Yourself
What Was the High
Load Yer Guns
The Maker
Pass Me the Bottle
Gutterbilly Blues
Born 2 Lie (with Brook)
Waiting Around to Die (with Brook)
In League with Satan (with the Calamity Cubes - A goddamn Calamity, as they called it)
Howlin' Wind

christopher 08-31-2013 03:50 PM

I'm glad someone else here enjoys the Gallows!! :party: I'm sad my 6 night tour with them ended because I had so much fun on that tour. The third song for the Calamity Cubes is called Rock Chalk. I'm surprised they didn't play Empty Bottle because that's the best part of their set. That's awesome they played Ivan! I was trying to get them to do that but they didn't. They offered to have me sing it for them but I didn't know all the lyrics the night they wanted to do it. Also, don't you mean Brook instead of Bert? :lol:

Motorvatin 09-01-2013 03:30 PM

that was the first time i had heard of the calamity cubes, i thought i heard Mikey call him Bert, should have investigated further before posting. thanks for the info.
wow six night run, impressive.

adamclark52 09-01-2013 08:56 PM

I never heard this band before but saw some sets posted here and thought their name was fantastic. So I checked out a song on youTube called [I]Smoke Satan[/I] and was very impressed.

Motorvatin 09-02-2013 07:46 AM

i found them through a band through a band. in 2010, went to Little Rock to see Les Claypool's Fancy Band set and a band called Split-Lip Rayfield was opening, never heard of them before. they started playing and was like, wow these guys are awesome. several months later Split-Lip played in Memphis and had to hit that show and the band Goddamn Gallows was opening. I had heard the name before and thought it was a cool name, but never went further than that. the gallows started playing and was like wow, the whole thing was crazy and have been hooked since.

christopher 09-02-2013 01:41 PM

[QUOTE=adamclark52;539900]I never heard this band before but saw some sets posted here and thought their name was fantastic. So I checked out a song on youTube called [I]Smoke Satan[/I] and was very impressed.[/QUOTE]

That was me who kept posting about them :lol: I saw them 6 times over the first half of August. I love this band so much. I got them to agree to play Smoke Satan at the last show I went to. They wrote it on their setlist and then the bar forced them to end when they went to play it, so that was a bummer. They haven't played that song in years.

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