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Onioner 08-10-2013 01:59 AM

Fog of War -- Oakland, CA -- August 9th, 2013
Ventured out to Oaktown to see the boys from Benicia fuck up some tiny ghetto ass club. They did just that, with an over the top and fucking awesome set, possibly the best I've seen from them yet. This was also Zombie Holocaust's CD release show, and they've been on the road for the past few weeks. I had to bail well before Zombie went on though, for I've got work in the morning. It must be said that including tonight, I've had nothing but pleasant experiences with all the Zombie dudes, especially Nick, who has always been very chill to me. I have no idea why they randomly got hate on here.

I stuck around for Fog's set and for an interview with singer/guitar man #1 Josh. Super cool dude, an amazingly humble guy and just a nice person in general. Lots of detailed info about the new album in the chat, but we agreed to not put it up for a couple months at least.

Anyway, Fog is absolutely on fire as a live unit right now. Josh and Wink have really developed great stage presence, and Nick has become a really amazing bass player in the last year alone. Matt beats the living shit out of his drums as usual, and Jon is holding the rhythm guitar down really well. The triple guitar rhythms all sound badass, and Jon, Wink and Josh all have the fastest right hands around. ADD if you're alive, the new Fog's gonna kick your ass.

1. No Evacuation
2. The Glow
3. Fog of War
4. Victims of Progress
5. Blood of a Thousand Suns
6. They Live, We Sleep

Anyway, had to bail early. Gotta wake up for a tracking session with Ulysses Siren. Night fools!

Spiner202 08-10-2013 04:47 AM

Did you get a chance to catch Fatality? They are wicked live!

Onioner 08-10-2013 10:25 AM

[QUOTE=Spiner202;537293]Did you get a chance to catch Fatality? They are wicked live![/QUOTE]

Ah no, I was doing the interview during their set. I have heard very cool things about Fatality though.

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