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TheWildAndTheYoung 07-29-2013 08:46 PM

Dream Avantasia Setlist
1.Another Angel Down
2.The Watchmaker's Dream
3.Reach Out For The Light
5.Black Orchid
6.The Scarecrow
8.Angel Of Babylon
9.Savior In The Clockwork
10.Twisted Mind
13.The Wicked Symphony
14.In Quest For
15.When The Clock Hands Freeze
16.Lost In Space
17.The Seven Angels
18.Sign Of The Cross
19.Journey To Arcadia
20.Dying For An Angel
Encore: 2
21.Devil In The Belfry

Spiner202 07-31-2013 07:52 AM

1. Spectres
2. Dweller In A Dream
3. Savior In The Clockwork
4. Prelude/Reach Out For The Light
5. Promised Land
6. Your Love Is Evil
7. Forever Is A Long Time
8. I Don't Believe In Your Love
9. Stargazers
10. Avantasia
11. Twisted Mind
12. The Great Mystery
13. Blizzard On A Broken Mirror
14. The Wicked Symphony
15. Lost In Space
16. The Scarecrow


17. Where Clock Hands Freeze
18. What's Left of Me
19. Shelter From The Rain


20. Sign of the Cross/The Seven Angels

Sanitarium78 07-31-2013 06:29 PM

Seems like both of you forgot about the awesomeness that is Runaway Train.

TheWildAndTheYoung 07-31-2013 06:34 PM

[QUOTE=Sanitarium78;535883]Seems like both of you forgot about the awesomeness that is Runaway Train.[/QUOTE]

Didn't forget, reluctantly put it off because of length.

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