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John The Drummer 07-28-2013 03:10 PM

John The Drummer's Drum Covers
Figured I'd make a thread about all of my drum covers. Now, before I post them I'd like to go out and say I do not thrive for perfection, I am in my own bands whos music I focus on more and take more seriously than doing other bands songs. It's mainly something I do just to kill time and hope SOMEONE will be impressed by what I do :horns: .
It's funny going back and watching my older videos and seeing how stiff and just not overly great I was, to now... where I obviously put in effort and heart into my playing. Anyways...figured I'd share these here...

YouTube Channel: [url]http://www.youtube.com/user/johnthedrummer88[/url]

Behemoth - "Chant For Ezkaton 2000 (Live)"

Pantera - "Power Metal"

Inquisition - "Astral Path to Supreme Majesties"

Heidevolk - "Vulgaris Magistralis"

Kampfar - "Dřdens Vee"

Windir - "Svartesmeden Og Lundamyrstrollet"

Candlemass - "Bewitched"

Watain - "Satan's Hunger"

Melechesh - "Grand Gathas of Baal Sin"

Woods of Ypres - "Silver"

Napalm Death - "You Suffer"

Body Count (Ice-T) - "Cop Killer"


Absu - "Manannan"

Necrophobic - "Revelation 666"

Absu - "Highland Tyrant Attack"

Dissection - ""Where Dead Angels Lie""

The Braindead - "Hit The Road"

Endstille - "Depressive/Abstract/Banished/Despised"

Vreid - "Raped By Light"

Týr - "Hold The Heathen Hammer High"

Exodus - "Bonded By Blood"

Kreator - "Violent Revolution"

Eluveitie - "Inis Mona"

Slayer - "Dead Skin Mask"

Korpiklaani - "Keep on Galloping"

Borknagar - "Ad Noctum"

Bloodbath - "Eaten"

Sepultura - "Slave New World"

Amon Amarth - "The Pursuit of Vikings"

Slayer - "Seasons in the Abyss"

Kreator - "Phobia"

Asesino - "Rey De La Selva"

John The Drummer 08-08-2013 04:02 PM

I have a HUGE list of songs on my computer that I am going to do videos of, not sure where to start, but some bands on the list are Dissection, Taake, Lord Belial, Acid Witch, Brujeria, and Inquisition... just to name a few. Hoping to get one or two uploaded this weekend.

John The Drummer 08-10-2013 08:46 AM

New cover of Inquisitions "Astral Path to Supreme Majesties". Not as tight as I wanted it to be, but still good enough. I am not a YouTube drummer by any means :)
A long time friend of mine is good friends with both Dagon and Incubus and said he sent it to Incubus... shiiiiit.


John The Drummer 08-11-2013 04:15 PM


I had so much fun recording this one :D

John The Drummer 08-24-2013 10:31 AM

Behemoth cover, far from perfect, but it's still a good song


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