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dcmetal108 07-21-2013 07:06 PM

Warped Tour -- Tinley Park, IL -- July 20th, 2013
Another great Warped Tour down.

Arrived at the venue around 10:20 or so and noticed already like 1,000 people in line so I hopped in line. A few minutes after I heard for $5 you can cut the line so I found the tent, payed the money, and got my bracelet only to find out the place to cut the line was on the other side of the amphitheater. After a few minute walk I arrive to what is a complete unorigized mess. It turned out that for cut the line there was no line and since it seemed like 2,000 other people bought it as well everyone was just in a huge crowd pushing their way in. So after 20 minutes of waiting and pushing my way up I finally arrived inside still early enough to wander around and buy my schedule for the day.

First up I randomly decided to check out the Spotify stage since I was standing by it and watched Crizzly play. Crizzly is a DJ with a frontman / rapper. They were highly entertaining to watch and the crowd was going nuts for them. Their frontman was jumping all over, leaning over the stage, and diving off the stage. Multiple times during their set he would jump off stage and walk through the crowd before getting in the pit and going nuts. For another few songs he was bringing girls from the crowd on stage to dance. During their remix of Rage Against The Machines “Killing In The Name” he threw the mic into the pit a few times for the crowd to rap the lyrics. Don’t know the set but I know there was the RATM remix, a Kendrick Lamar remix, and a remix of “Do Your Chain Hang Low by Jibbs”

Next while waiting for Zach I walked some of Silverstein who sounded really generic. For a while I thought they were Oh, Sleeper actually because I had my stages confused.

Watched a little over half of MC Lars‘ set and he was pretty good. Having a live drummer really helped him I think and he sounded pretty tight during his raps.

MC Lars Set :
White Kids Aren’t Hyphy
Hurricane Fresh
21 Concepts
Straight Outta Stockholm
This Gigantic Robot Kills
Space Game
Flow Like Poe
Hey There Ophelia
Download This Song
Mr. Raven

Defeater were the next band up to watch and they disappointed me. They did nothing for me musically and it seemed the crowd was split too. A good amount of singing along but I found them quite boring.

Defeater set :

The Red, White and Blues
Warm Blood Rush
Blessed Burden
Waves Crash, Clouds Roll
I Don’t Mind
But Breathing
Cemetery Walls
Prophet in Plain Clothes
Empty Glass

Went back over to the Spotify stage to check out Five Knives. Five Knives is kinda electronic pop rock band and were pretty entertaining to watch. Their lead singer Anna Worstell sounded good (and looked good). They left enough of a impression on me to check them out. I don’t have a set for them though.

Checked out Beebs And Her Money Makers out next over at the Insidious 2 stage. They were pretty much a No Doubt wannabe ska band but still pretty decent. All the members dress is overly colorful almost clown like clothes. Also their merch tent was covered in ads for Ripleys Believe It Or Not, still trying to figure out why they are sponsored by them. No set from them.

Went to the amphitheater next to sit down and watched Goldhouse. They turned out to be a generic radio rock sounding band. Their lead singer didn’t sound too bad but he had that really girly sounding singing voice. No set.

Went back to the Monster stage next to meet up with Zach to check out Upon A Burning Body. As I told him they should their name to “Latino Breakdown Core” because that is pretty much what all of it was. I mean they even opening with a breakdown. Hearing the crowd sing the Texas Anthem was pretty funny. I did laugh though with the fact that even in insane heat all the guys in the band still came out dressed like “gangsters”. UABB were okay but their songs blended together a lot.

Upon A Burning Body Set :

Devil’s Advocate
El Mariachi
Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Game Over
Texas Blood Money
Sin City

Watched a few minutes of Handguns, who did nothing for me before going to watch Letlive. Letlive in short was pure chaos to say the least. Right away their lead singer Jason was throwing a trash can around the stage before jumping, spinning, running, and just throwing himself around the stage. During their set he also jumped off anything on the stage he could, hung from the rafters of the stage and swung from the rafters as well. Watching Jason cry singing about his mom brought the crowd to a emotional stage singing along and cheering him on right before Jason went back to being a maniac. Letlive in 30 minutes made me a big fan.

Letlive Set :

Le Prologue
The Sick, Sick, 6.8 Billion
H. Ledger
Banshee (Ghost Fame)
27 Club
Renegade 86′

The Wonder Years were next and as always they give nothing but 100%. They had a huge crowd on the main stage and pretty much everyone sang along the entire time. It was the same set I saw on the 24 hour tour but that didn’t stop me from jumping and singing along. Soupy was jumping from the amps and spinning around non stop while singing with all his passion. The rest of the band was running around the stage as well. Singing the new songs along with Don’t Let Me Cave in was beyond words.

The Wonder Years Set :

Passing Through a Screen Door
Local Man Ruins Everything
Woke Up Older
Washington Square Park
Dismantling Summer
Don’t Let Me Cave In
The Bastards, The Vultures, The Wolves
Logan Circle
Came Out Swinging

Was feeling tired and about to pass out so I grabbed some over priced food and sat in the amphitheater and unfortunately watched Allstar Weekend. They are fake, teeny bop, pop rock, generic music. Their lead singer also did the gayest moves on stage. Thankfully the shade and food kept my mind off them.

The Early November was next and surprised me again. They were more of a radio hard rock band I’d say but had some great energy and their songs sounded good.

Caught Young London next who sound like the band Fun but with more of a electronic vibe. They were amazing and even better when they did a cover of We Are Young by FUN. Their two singers sounded great and their female vocalist sounded great.

Like Moths To Flames were next and they were okay. Huge crowd for them and their bassist is always entertaining to watch. Their singer did sound kind of worn out though.

Like Moth To Flames Set :
The Worst In Me
Something to Live For
Learn Your Place
The Blackout
I Solemnly Swear
You Won’t Be Missed

Caught Story Of The Year next who were a send back to 2008 for me. They were actually the first live band I ever saw at my first concert ever (Warped Tour 2008). They had a decent sized crowd for them.

Story Of The Year Set :
And the Hero Will Drown
The Antidote
Wake Up
Anthem of Our Dying Day
In the Shadows
Ocean Avenue/Cute Without the “E”/I’m Not Okay/The Taste of Ink
Until the Day I Die

Rdgldgrn (RedGoldGreen) was next and another nice surprise. They were a full band with a rapper who also sung. He would go from fast raps to a nice slower singing voice and the crowd was eating it up. They also got a huge roar from everyone when they did a small bit for Wu Tang Clan.

Rdgldgrn Set :

Lootin In London
Hey O
Doing the Most
Bang Bang
I Love Lamp
Double Dutch
Million Fans

Next up was one of my favorite bands of all time, The Black Dahlia Murder. The crowd for them was huge and nonstop wild. Trevor sounded amazing and he’s the only frontman in metal who can smile and scream at the same time. Alan on drums was killing it. It was a tight set and the new songs sounded great. They had two apes come out during “Statutory Apes”. I wish they would of played “Raped In Hatred By Vines Of Thorns” though. They are doing a fall US tour though.

The Black Dahlia Murder Set :

In Hell Is Where She Waits For Me
Goat of Departure
Into The Everblack
Statutory Ape
What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse
Funeral Thirst

The Chariot were next and they were good but not as crazy as I wanted. They lead singer moved around some and got into the crowd at one point. The bassist was nuts swinging around and got in the crowd and ran the circle pit was playing but I felt during their set like I was still waiting for the crazy stuff I’ve heard about them doing. Letlive blew them away in crazy points.

The Chariot Set :

The Audience
And Shot Each Other
Before there was Atlanta, there was Douglasville
Back to Back
The Deaf Policemen

Big Chocolate was next and as usual he was great. He played mainly new material so it wasn’t the huge bass dropping dubstep he use to have. Watching him though is where the fun is at. The faces he makes while playing or the moves he pulls are laugh worthy. Also his mustache is great. Don’t remember the set.

Finally Stick To Your Guns closed the show and were my favorite of the day. STYG are in the top tier of hardcore bands on the scene right now I think. Their show is full of intense hardcore, singalongs, and meaning lyrics and speeches and this was no different. They played inside the amphitheater and filled the place pretty well. Singing along to every song made me forget being tired, burnt, and ready to sleep. Jesse was moving nonstop as well was the rest of the band. From where I was (about 8 feet from the stage) I could see the guys in Letlive watching and the bassist to Like Moths To Flames watching the set. Right as the breakdown hit for “What Comes Around” Jason from Letlive did a full spring from the back of the stage and did a huge stagedive which made Jesse almost drop his mic from laughing. Which as Jason hit the rail to and security tried to help him he stood on the rail and did a front flip back onto the crowd. STYG said they will be back for a fall tour. They brought Warped Tour to a amazing end.

Stick To Your Guns Set :

Against Them All
Such Pain
Bringing You Down
Empty Heads
We Still Believe
What Goes Around

mankvill 07-21-2013 07:20 PM

I start my new job tomorrow. I get two days off during the week and I am praying that I get Tuesday off so I can go to Warped. ; 3;

btw: Handguns are the best up and coming pop punk band so I hate you

dcmetal108 07-21-2013 08:02 PM

[QUOTE=mankvill;534763]I start my new job tomorrow. I get two days off during the week and I am praying that I get Tuesday off so I can go to Warped. ; 3;

btw: Handguns are the best up and coming pop punk band so I hate you[/QUOTE]

In the short time I watched Handguns they didn't do anything to set themselves apart from others to me.

infinitydeth 07-21-2013 08:37 PM

Didn't see the story so far

kalfitegrdan 07-21-2013 08:53 PM

I know Defeater played Bastards, so that set is either wrong or missing a song.

NickLed19 07-21-2013 09:10 PM

August Burns Red and Story So Far?

dcmetal108 07-21-2013 09:42 PM

[QUOTE=infinitydeth;534769]Didn't see the story so far[/QUOTE]

They were playing the same time as The Chariot

[QUOTE=NickLed19;534772]August Burns Red and Story So Far?[/QUOTE]

ABR I heard while waiting for Wonder Years and ABR sounded horrible. Bass was too loud and vocals sounded really bad.

ABR also played the same time as Letlive.

And zach, I put what songs I remembered and had setlist fm fill in the rest.

XDoomsayerX 07-21-2013 10:47 PM

TSSF is cant miss and ABR usually delivers, damn. Sucks bout The Chariot though prob cuz the fans werent big on em. Both times I've seen The Chariot they blew me away but keep in mind one time was at The Glasshouse and the other time in a headliner tour at Chain Reaction.

dcmetal108 07-22-2013 04:45 AM

[QUOTE=XDoomsayerX;534779]TSSF is cant miss and ABR usually delivers, damn. Sucks bout The Chariot though prob cuz the fans werent big on em. Both times I've seen The Chariot they blew me away but keep in mind one time was at The Glasshouse and the other time in a headliner tour at Chain Reaction.[/QUOTE]

Yeah The Chariot had a embarrassingly small crowd but were also playing the same time as TSSF and BMTH. I mean they had like 150 people or so.

kalfitegrdan 07-22-2013 06:31 AM

To add a bit with a review of the bands I saw and DC didn't and my thoughts of bands and shit.

Crizzly was playing when I walked in/was waiting in line. Brostep as fuck and I loved it. He (they?) did a remix of that Bugatti song. Perfect start to the day.

MC Lars sounded really cool from the few minutes I saw of him.

Defeater were okay, a little underwhelming. The set in the OP is from last October, here's their Warped set.

1. Warm Blood Rush
2. The Red, White and Blues
3. Dear Father
4. Bastards
5. Blessed Burden
6. A Wound and Scar
7. Cowardice
8. Empty Glass

Beebs and Her Money Maker sound like a No Doubt ripoff and I'm fine with that. Entertaining from what I caught.

Upon a Burning Body were breakdowns incarnate. Really boring live. Including the lyrics to Deep in the Heart of Texas into a chorus of one of their songs was absolutely fucking cringe worthy/hilarious.

I thought August Burns Red weren't bad, probably the worst I've seen them though. The dude who does backup vocals got a lot better than the last time I saw them.

1. Back Burner
2. Internal Cannon
3. Meddler
4. Provision
5. Fault Line
6. Empire
7. Composure
8. White Washed

Big D and the Kid's Table were really great. Really small crowd though unfortunately.

1. Little Bitch
2. Noise Complaint
3. Shining On
4. Myself
5. 51 Gardner
6. Breaking the Bottle
7. Stepping Out of Line Forever
8. Describing the Sky
9. LAX

I decided to watch Run DMT since I'd heard of him and there was nothing better going on. One of my top three of the day. He played some drum and bass and some dubstep. He also remixed Cypress Hill's "Hits From the Bong." He had a way bigger crowd than I expected and really got the crowd going. About 10 minutes into his set he called for a mosh pit and the crowd delivered. The pit didn't really let up until his set was over (an actual pit too, none of that hardcore dancing bullshit).

Reel Big Fish were fucking hilarious. Another one of the top 3 bands of the day. The only problem was that they were playing the stage that was right next to the stage that Sleeping with Sirens was about to play and whenever any person from that shitty godawful abomination of a band would come onstage to sound check, EVERY FUCKING PERSON in front of that stage would start screaming like the 13 year old girls that they were. Really fucking annoying when I'm trying to watch a band, plus I was standing in the kind of no man's land where the Reel Big Fish fans ended and the shitty scene kids began.


1. Sell Out
2. Thank You For Not Moshing
3. Everyone Else is An Asshole
4. Your Guts (I Hate 'Em)
5. S.R.
6. Another F.U. Song
7. She Has a Girlfriend Now
8. Beer
9. Take On Me (Aha cover)

The Black Dahlia Murder killed it as usual. What more to say? The last of my top three bands of the day. I spent most of the set trying to figure out the band on Trevor's shit. (Found out later it was a Purtenance shirt). :lol: @ the few dudes trying to get all hardcore in pit.

I dislike The Chariot's music, but wanted to see the supposed crazy live show. They didn't bring it like I was promised, but they still did do some cool stuff. The face on the security people was priceless when the bassist got in the crowd and had people circle pit around him.

Big Chocolate was entertaining to watch, but not as high energy as when he was playing his dubstep tunes. Still entertaining to watch him though. I dipped out towards the end of his set to head to Chicago to catch KEN mode and Inter Arma.

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