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RampinUp46 07-12-2013 07:42 AM

Six Feet Under -- Austin, TX -- July 11th, 2013
The night began with me waiting in line for a friend of mine to show up, where I met Steve and saw Chris walking around - and inevitably, I started chatting to some random people in line. My friend gets there, we all shoot the shit, and the doors open to let everyone in, and my friend almost doesn't get in because he doesn't have an ID when the venue said you needed to have one to get in. I don't know how he did it, but he managed to sneak past the guy in front and got in anyway. Not too much happened after that; the local bands went on and did their thing, my friend fucked up his arm in the pit, we bugged Chris Barnes at the merch booth (he complimented my friend on his "original logo" Tomb of the Mutilated shirt), and we said hello to a few people we had met at previous shows.

Right before Cannabis Corpse went on, we noticed two Austin cops walking around through the venue and checking things out, which we found odd, but then we remembered that the show had three notorious "pothead bands" as the main attraction. As a result, few people decided to risk it by lighting up, and if they did, they did it in the corner for like, two minutes with a one-hitter. Cannabis Corpse took the stage and started annihilating the audience from the first note. I'd been waiting a while to see these guys come to town, and I can definitely say it was worth the wait. About two songs into CC's set, I saw smearCampaign walk through the door and grab a beer, so I decided to say hello. We wound up chilling with the people I met earlier that night and watching Cannabis Corpse talk to the audience between songs before they left, closing out with "Staring Through My Eyes That Are Red".

[B][I]Cannabis Corpse (incomplete and out of order)[/I][/B]

Lunatic of Pot's Creation
Reefer Stashed Place
Sentenced to Burn One
Where the Kind Live
Staring Through My Eyes That Are Red

After CC left the stage, Decrepit Birth took the stage and managed to get an even bigger response from the audience, commanding the audience to "light the fuck up" and start pits right before they announced their song titles. Sometime towards the end of the set, the lead singer went on a rant, saying something to the effect of "I don't care if you're Mexican, black, white, Asian, heterosexual, homosexual, whatever, I love you all", which confused a few people, since it came out of nowhere, but they wound up cheering him on after that. When they started up their last song - a cover of "Crystal Mountain", the place exploded. Fans were flying into each other, the audience was going insane, it was amazing.

[B][I]Decrepit Birth[/I][/B]

Of Genocide
The Infestation
A Gathering of Imaginations
The Resonance
Diminishing Between Worlds
Crystal Mountain (Death cover)

Finally, Six Feet Under took the stage at 11:00. The band launched straight into "Silent Violence" and the pit behind me got a bit stronger throughout the night before tapering off, and at times, I could barely tell that people behind me were moshing. Chris made a few comments throughout the night, mostly consisting of variations of "Are you ready?" and combinations of the word "motherfucker", sometimes lapsing into a Bruce Dickinson style "scream for me Austin" and laughing at audience requests (one of them was "Random Song Title"). Their set was fairly uneventful, unless you count everyone in the front row being whipped in the face by Chris' ratty-ass dreadlocks at least once (as well as being kneecapped during Hammer Smashed Face), so I don't think I can find too much else to say.

[B][I]Six Feet Under[/I][/B]

Silent Violence
Revenge of the Zombie
Shot in the Head
Feasting on the Blood of the Insane
No Warning Shot
Victim of the Paranoid
The Day the Dead Walked
Seed of Filth
Shadow of the Reaper
Torn to the Bone
Beneath a Black Sky
Hammer Smashed Face (Cannibal Corpse cover)

Great show. If it's coming anywhere near you, go, it's worth it.

smearCampaign 07-12-2013 08:12 AM

Good to see you man! Hope your friend's arm isn't too F'ed up. After SFU started I didn't want to try to get back up to the front.

Fun show. Pretty good sized crowd.
Cannabis Corpse also played Gateways to Inhalation and Slave to the Chron.

RampinUp46 07-12-2013 08:33 AM

[QUOTE=smearCampaign;533667]Good to see you man! Hope your friend's arm isn't too F'ed up. After SFU started I didn't want to try to get back up to the front.

Fun show. Pretty good sized crowd.
Cannabis Corpse also played Gateways to Inhalation and Slave to the Chron.[/QUOTE]

Good to see you too. I didn't hear anything about you planning to come to this show, so I was kind of surprised to see you.

And apparently my friend sprained his wrist and fractured his elbow, which got worse when he jumped into the pit for Hammer Smashed Face and fucked up his back somehow. Considering that it could have been worse with how he landed...yeah, he's pretty lucky with what he got, I guess.

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