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JRA 07-11-2013 07:15 AM

Rank the songs by albums
Simple, just rank em from favorite to least favorite:

[B]Van Halen 1:[/B]

1. I'm The One
2. Ain't Talkin Bout Love
3. Atomic Punk
4. Eruption
5. Feel Your Love Tonight
6. Running With The Devil
7. Little Dreamer
8. You Really Got Me
9. On Fire
10. Jamie's Cryin

[B]Van Halen II:[/B]

1. DOA
2. Light Up The Sky
3. Spanish Fly
4. Somebody Get Me A Doctor
5. Dance The Night Away
6. Outta Love Again
7. Bottoms Up!
8. Beautiful Girls
9. You're No Good
10. Women In Love

[B]Women & Children First:[/B]

1. In A Simple Rhyme
2. Romeo Delight
3. Tora Tora/Loss of Control
4. Take Your Whiskey Home
5. Everybody Wants Some!!
6. Could This Be Magic
7. And The Cradle Will Rock
8. Fools

[B]Fair Warning:[/B]

1. Unchained
2. Mean Street
3. Sinner's Swing
4. Hear About It Later
5. Push Come To Shove
6. Dirty Movies
7. So This Is Love
8. One Foot Out The Door
9. Sunday Afternoon In The Park

[B]Diver Down:[/B]

1. Hang Em High
2. The Full Bug
3. Little Guitars
4. Secrets
5. Where Have All The Good Times Gone
6. Big Bad Bill Is Sweet William Now
7. Cathedral
8. (Oh) Pretty Woman
9. Happy Trails
10. Little Guitars (intro)
11. Intruder


1. Hot For Teacher
2. Girl Gone Bad
3. Panama
4. House of Pain
5. Drop Dead Legs
6. Jump
7. Top Jimmy
8. I'll Wait
9. 1984

[B]A Different Kind of Truth:[/B]

1. Big River
2. China Town
3. HoneybabySweetieDoll
4. The Trouble With Never
5. She's The Woman
6. Outta Space
7. You & Your Blues
8. Beats Workin
9. As Is
10. Bullethead
11. Stay Frosty
12. Blood & Fire
13. Tattoo

ravenheart 07-11-2013 07:59 AM


Sleeping (In The Fire)
I Wanna Be Somebody
The Torture Never Stops
The Flame
On Your Knees
Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)
School Daze
L.O.V.E. Machine

The Last Command

Cries In The Night
The Last Command
Fistful of Diamonds
Running Wild In The Streets
Jack Action
Wild Child
Blind In Texas
Sex Drive

Inside The Electric Circus

9-5 N.A.S.T.Y.
Inside The Electric Circus
Restless Gypsy
The Rock Rolls On
King of Sodom And Gomorrah
I'm Alive
I Don't Need No Doctor
Shoot From The Hip
Easy Livin'
Sweet Cheetah

The Headless Children

The Headless Children
The Heretic (The Lost Child)
The Real Me
The Neutron Bomber
Mean Man
Forever Free
Rebel In The FDG

The Crimson Idol

The Idol
Chainsaw Charlie
[i]everything else[/i]
Doctor Rockter


Take The Addiction
My Tortured Eyes
Kill Your Pretty Face
Wicked Love
The Horror
Little Death


Damnation Angels
[i]everything else[/i]
Don't Cry (Just Suck)

Unholy Terror

Let It Roar
Who Slayed Baby Jane?
Raven Heart
Wasted White Boys
Hate To Love Me
Loco-Motive Man

Dying For The World

Shadow Man
Hallowed Ground
Stone Cold Killers
My Wicked Heart
Rubber Man
Trail of Tears
Hell For Eternity
Black Bone Torso

TheWildAndTheYoung 07-11-2013 08:55 AM

[B]Bon Jovi[/B]

[I]Bon Jovi[/I]:
1.Get Ready
3.Shot Through The Heart
5.Burning For Love
6.Come Back
7.Love Lies
9.She Don't Know Me

[I]7800 Degrees Fahrenheit[/I]:
1.Tokyo Road
2.The Hardest Part Is The Night
3.Only Lonely
4.In And Out Of Love
5.Silent Night
6.Price Of Love
7.Always Run To You
8.Secret Dreams
9.King Of The Mountain
10.(I Don't Wanna Fall) To The Fire

[I]Slippery When Wet[/I]:
1.Wild In The Streets
2.Raise Your Hands
3.I'd Die For You
4.Never Say Goodbye
5.Livin' On A Prayer
6.Let It Rock
7.Wanted Dead Or Alive
8.You Give Love A Bad Name
9.Without Love
10.Social Disease

[I]New Jersey[/I]:
1.Blood On Blood
2.Born To Be My Baby
3.Lay Your Hands On Me
4.99 In The Shade
5.Wild Is The Wind
6.Living In Sin
7.Homebound Train
8.Bad Medicine
9.Stick To Your Guns
10.Ride Cowboy Ride
11.I'll Be There For You
12.Love For Sale

[I]Keep The Faith[/I]:
1.Dry County
2.I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
3.I Believe
4.Blame It On the Love Of Rock & Roll
5.Keep The Faith
6.In These Arms
7.If I Was Your Mother
8.Bed Of Roses
10.Woman In Love
11.Little Bit Of Soul
12.I Want You

[I]These Days[/I]:
1.Something For The Pain
2.Heart's Breaking Even
3.These Days
4.This Ain't A Love Song
5.My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms
7.Hey God
8.Something To Believe In
9.If That's What It Takes
10.Lie To Me
11.Diamond Ring
12.(It's Hard) Letting You Go

1.One Wild Night
2.Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars
3.Next 100 Years
4.It's My Life
5.Just Older
6.Two Story Town
7.I Got The Girl
8.Mystery Train
9.Save The World
10.Say It Isn't So
11.Thank You For Loving Me
12.She's A Mystery

4.Hook Me Up
6.The Distance
7.Love Me Back To Life
8.Right Side Of Wrong
10.All About Lovin' You
11.Open All Night
12.You Had Me From Hello

[I]Have A Nice Day[/I]:
1.Story Of My Life
2.Last Man Standing
3.Have A Nice Day
5.Last Cigarette
7.Bells Of Freedom
8.Who Says you Can't Go Home
9.I Am
10.Welcome To Wherever You Are
11.I Want To Be Loved
12.Who Says You Can't Go Home (duet version with Jennifer Nettles)

[I]Lost Highway[/I]:
1.We Got It Going On
2.Lost Highway
3.Whole Lot Of Leavin'
4.Any Other Day
6.(You Want To) Make A Memory
7.One Step Closer
8.I Love This Town
9.Everybody's Broken
10.The Last Night
11.'Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore
12.Seat Next To You

[I]The Circle[/I]:
1.Love's The Only Rule
3.Happy Now
4.Thorn In My Side
5.We Weren't Born To Follow
7.Work For The Working Man
8.Learn To Love
9.Superman Tonight
10.When We Were Beautiful
11.Live Before You Die
12.Fast Cars

[I]What About Now[/I]:
1.That's What The Water Made Me
2.What About Now
3.Not Running Anymore
4.With These Two Hands
5.Beautiful World
6.I'm With You
7.What's Left Of Me
8.Because We Can
9.Into The Echo
10.Army Of One
11.The Fighter
12.Pictures Of You
15.Thick As Thieves
16.Room At The End Of The World

JRA 07-11-2013 10:52 AM

You guys don't have to exhaustively do the back catalog you know.

I'll do the rest of Maiden when this makes it to page 5. :egrin:

Spiner202 07-11-2013 11:01 AM


[U]The Scarecrow:[/U]
The Scarecrow
Twisted Mind
Shelter From The Rain
Lost In Space
Another Angel Down
The Toy Master
Devil In The Belfry
I Don't Believe In Your Love
Cry Just A Little
Carry Me Over
What Kind of Love

[U]The Wicked Symphony:[/U]
The Wicked Symphony
Forever Is A Long Time
Blizzard On A Broken Mirror
Runaway Train
The Edge
Dying For An Angel
Scales of Justice
Black Wings
States of Matter

[U]Angel of Babylon:[/U]
Promised Land
Journey to Arcadia
Your Love Is Evil
Death Is Just A Feeling
Angel of Babylon
Rat Race
Down In The Dark
Alone I Remember
Blowing Out The Flame
Symphony of Life

[U]The Mystery of Time:[/U]
What's Left of Me
The Great Mystery
Savior In The Clockwork
Where Clock Hands Freeze
Dwellar In A Dream
Black Orchid
The Watchmaker's Dream
Invoke The Machine

The Mystery of Time is probably the hardest of those to rank. Any of the top 5 songs could easily have been #1.

JRA 07-11-2013 11:43 AM

The Mystery of Time is probably the hardest of those to rank. Any of the top 5 songs could easily have been #1.[/QUOTE]

I felt the same way about A Different Kind of Truth.

ravenheart 07-11-2013 11:55 AM

[QUOTE=JRA;533565]You guys don't have to exhaustively do the back catalog you know. [/QUOTE]

Hey, I left out like 5 albums ;)

Maiden33 07-11-2013 12:36 PM


The Metal Opera 1:
01 Sign of the Cross
02 Reach Out for the Light
03 The Tower
04 Glory of Rome
05 Avantasia
06 Breaking Away
07 Farewell
08 Serpents in Paradise
09 Farewell

The Metal Opera 2:
01 The Seven Angels
02 Chalice of Agony
03 The Looking Glass
04 No Return
05 In Quest For
06 Neverland
07 The Final Sacrifice
08 Memory
09 Anywhere
10 Into the Unknown

The Scarecrow:
01 The Scarecrow
02 Devil in the Belfry
03 Shelter from the Rain
04 I Don't Believe in Your Love
05 Another Angel Down
06 Lost in Space
07 Cry Just a Little
08 Twisted Mind
09 The Toy Master
10 What Kind of Love
11 Carry Me Over

The Wicked Symphony:
01 The Wicked Symphony
02 Runaway Train
03 States of Matter
04 Forever is a Long Time
05 Blizzard on a Broken Mirror
06 Dying for an Angel
07 Wastelands
08 Scales of Justice
09 The Edge
10 Black Wings
11 Crestfallen

Angel of Babylon:
01 Promised Land
02 Stargazers
03 Journey to Arcadia
04 Death is Just a Feeling
05 Angel of Babylon
06 Rat Race
07 Alone I Remember
08 Down in the Dark
09 Your Love is Evil
10 Blowing Out the Flame
11 Symphony of Life

The Mystery of Time:
01 Savior in the Clockwork
02 Black Orchid
03 What's Left of Me
04 Invoke the Machine
05 Where Clock Hands Freeze
06 Dweller in a Dream
07 The Great Mystery
08 Spectres
09 Sleepwalking
10 The Watchmaker's Dream

JRA 07-11-2013 01:51 PM

[QUOTE=ravenheart;533573]Hey, I left out like 5 albums ;)[/QUOTE]

Tru. Tru.

[B]Mercyful Fate EP:[/B]
1. Devil Eyes
2. A Corpse Without Soul
3. Doomed By The Living Dead
4. Nuns Have No Fun

1. Satan's Fall
2. Into The Coven
3. Evil
4. At The Sound of The Demon Bell
5. Curse of the Pharaohs
6. Black Funeral
7. Melissa

[B]Don't Break The Oath:[/B]
1. The Oath
2. Desecration Of Souls
3. A Dangerous Meeting
4. Nightmare
5. Come To The Sabbath
6. Night of the Unborn
7. Gypsy
8. Welcome Princes of Hell
9. To One Far Away

TonyD 07-11-2013 02:56 PM

Rank the users with too much time on their hands by number of posts in this thread

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