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christopher 07-04-2013 10:24 AM

Whiplash -- Santa Ana, CA -- July 3rd, 2013
Venue: The Constellation Room located inside The Observatory
souce: me

I walked in the venue at 940 and Witchaven hit the stage and played an awesome 35 minute set. They were definitely cheesy, but I enjoyed them. I've seen them before and will definitely check them out again.

Black Thrash Assault
Empty Chasm
Skinned Alive
Unholy Copulation

At 1030, Iron Reagan hit the stage. I was surprised that the show wasn't sold out and there was plenty of space to move around, but everyone made it clear that they were there for Iron Reagan. There was a nice pit going their entire set. They played a new song from the upcoming split with Exhumed and that sounded really good. They did a cover of Don't Tread on Me by the Cro Mags, which was cool, but it could've been two more of their songs, but oh well. I was bummed when they ended the set after 25 minutes. I was hoping for at least 4 or 5 more songs. They were still really awesome. I hope they come back again.

Drop the Gun
Eyes Piss Tears
Slightly Out of Focus
Cycles of Violence
new song
Snake Chopper
I Ripped That Testament a New Asshole
Rats in a Cage
Midlothian Murder Mile
Don't Tread on Me (Cro-Mags cover)
Walking Out
Eat Shit and Live

After a 30 minute wait, Whiplash decided to finally go on at 1130 and play until 1250. For the first 4 or 5 songs, the guitar kept cutting out and it was very annoying. They eventually replaced the head on the guitar amp and it sounded a LOT better. It was cool they played 7 out of 9 songs from Power and Pain but the rest of the set was seriously a borefest. A lot of people walked out after they played War Monger. I won't ever go see them again cause I got most of what I wanted to hear. I got a picture of their setlist and had to post cause it was a cluster fuck haha


Spiner202 07-04-2013 10:43 AM

It's awesome they played so long and played a lot from Power & Pain! I'm actually not a huge fan of Ticket to Mayhem (besides "Walk The Plank") and I've never heard Insult to Injury, so this looks like an ideal set to me.

I have no clue how they can keep things straight with that setlist though.

mankvill 07-04-2013 11:04 AM

I've never listened to Whiplash before but apparently the word/word/word thing is to help the vocalist remember the lyrics to the songs. :lol:

christopher 07-04-2013 11:04 AM

I just wish they would have played Message in Blood and Stirring the Cauldron instead of Last Nail and Eternal Eyes. Those songs were fucking awful. Half the crowd left cause of that.

christopher 07-04-2013 11:06 AM

[QUOTE=mankvill;532827]I've never listened to Whiplash before but apparently the word/word/word thing is to help the vocalist remember the lyrics to the songs. :lol:[/QUOTE]

:lol: that makes sense.

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