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ijwthstd 07-02-2013 09:30 AM

Prima Donna -- Los Angeles, CA -- June 29th, 2013
Redwood Bar & Grill

this was a nailbiter as DRĈMINGS finished up at Casey's at midnight on the dot (scheduled start time at the Redwood), I ran out the door, to the 7th Street Metro stop, on a train to the Civic Center station and walked in the door at the Redwood at 12:09 and Prima Donna started playing 30 seconds later. Great show, odd covers, a brand new song. They are going on tour with Adam Ant next month and before Maxine Kevin said "We ripped him off hard on this one, I don't know if we can play it on tour."

01. Rumble (Link Wray cover)
02. Some Kinda Nerve
03. Sociopath
04. Rock And Roll Is Dead (The Rubinoos cover)
05. Feral Children
06. Lady Strange
07. Demoted
08. Bless This Mess
09. Psycho (Nick Curran cover)
10. Like Hell (new song)
11. Maxine
12. Pill Box (The Joneses cover)
13. Crimson Lust
14. Soul Stripper
15. I Don't Want You To Love Me

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