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BiohazardABZ 06-12-2013 05:07 PM

Intronaut -- Minneapolis, MN -- June 11th, 2013
Venue: The Garage, Burnsville MN (suburb of Minneapolis)
Source: Me & Setlist.fm

There were two local bands that started the evening, The first was Prophets of Aether, a generic Death metal band that was quite bland and generic. For the most part nothing to write home about.

The next local band was The Astraea Complex, an extremely boring Djent/deathcore band that did the worst opening/intro I have ever witnessed, They all stood with there backs facing the crowd playing a soft riff. They then turned around and started running in place, and to top it off they ended with some choreographed headbanging. It was so gaudy and cheezy it nearly made me barf, the rest was sloppy, generic djentcore that I did not care for.


After a switch the official opening act, Mouth of the Architect came on to the stage and put on a great 30 minute set of some well-executed Progressive-Sludge metal. They have great climactic build-ups and could kick in to high gear and get really heavy after the builds. All of their songs were pretty long, and (from my count) only played 4 songs, but they were great and a proper way to kick off the evening. I do not have their setlist because I couldn't snag one and I don't remember what songs they played (or if they said).

The next band was what all of the nerds were cackling about and that was Scale the Summit. The venue was at near capacity and when they took the stage the crowd went nuts. They ripped through a great 8 song set which featured 5 from the new album. I personally loved the new songs, they were a bit heaver than the old songs which fit into the concert better. The song "Odyssey" featured incredible yet tasteful tapping licks and also had some great heavy bits to it too. Their last song "The Traveler" showcased the guys incredible talent of not only writing complex and difficult music, but somehow keeping it not only melodic, but a blast to listen to as well. The songs ability to go from a bone-crushing riff to an airy solo to some tapping to a great stop-start decrescendo was immense. The band also interacted with crowd quite a bit for an instrumental band (more than every other band too), as well as plugging their new album and expressing their thoughts on illegal downloading which was that they don't care. That is always a sign of musicians doing it because it is their passion, not their job.
The Dark Horse
Age of the Tide
Atlas Novus
The Olive Tree
The Great Plains
The Traveler

When Scale the Summit left the geeks did too, leaving the venue a little over half full for Intronaut. They had a projector screen set up with a video that goes along with the performance and a cool (yet sometimes annoying) laser show. The gang started with their song "Killing Birds with Stones" off their new album. They, were tight, heavy, and wanted to make the STS fans regret leaving early. My one thing I don't like about their new album is that the clean parts stick around for too long and they don't kick into high gear like they should after the clean parts. Regardless they were still fantastic and played a 8 song set which is the shortest headlining set I had ever seen (it was a little less than an hour). One of the highlights was "The Welding" off their new album. It featured a very cool riff where guitarists Sacha and Dave picked the strings past the first fret by the headstock and made an extremely cool yet sinister sound. The rest of the song was great too. Their final two songs "Nostalgic Echo" and "Gleamer" were both off of their first album "Void". They were heavy, fast and had some great screams from Dave and Sacha. It was a good closer to an overall great set.
Killing Birds with Stones
Milk Leg
The Welding
Past Tense
Sore Sight for Eyes
Nostalgic Echo

Mouth Of the Architect 7.5/10
Scale the Summit 8.5/10
Intronaut 8/10

TheNobleFaceHumper 06-12-2013 07:19 PM

would that unknown song be The Literal Black Cloud by chance? Can't believe they wouldn't play it.

Also did you check out the merch tables at all?

BiohazardABZ 06-12-2013 07:50 PM

I don't think it was that, It had clean vocals for the most part. Also as far as merch went Mouth had 4 shirts along with 2 cds and 2 vinyls. Scale the summit had 8 shirts with tab books, a poster and a cd and vinyl of The Migration. Intronaut had 6 shirts, two of them being tour shirts and had all of their cds along with Void on vinyl and a 7" of Milk Leg. I got Void & The Migration for $20 a piece on vinyl and I believe all shirts were $20 too.

EDIT: the song was Harmonicon, off the new album.

Natrlhi 06-13-2013 10:10 AM

Five out of eight songs from the new album is a bit much, and no songs at all from [I]Prehistoricisms[/I] is unconscionable, not to mention that the one song they played from [I]Valley of Smoke[/I] isn't one of my favorites (although it seems like it would translate pretty well live).

Having said this, two songs from [I]Void[/I] is pretty cool, the fact that "Gleamer" is one of them is even better, and it's IntrOnaut so of course I'm going and of course it's going to be fucking awesome.

Plus, MotA is just icing on the cake. I've seen them before as a headliner (in fact, in the same venue they're playing tonight), and I'm quite confident they are going to kick major amounts of ass, even with a short set.

Couldn't care less about StS. They're a weak version of AaL if you ask me. That said, they're not that bad a fit with IntrOnaut, similarly to how AaL made sense with both bands on the Meshuggah tour. I get it. That'll be my merch break time. :D

Thanks for posting.

EDIT: Oh, and I wouldn't call that headstock picking thing they do in "The Welding" a riff, exactly - it's more of a rhythmic thing they do to add a syncopated feel to the song. Personally, it drives me nuts. :lol: The bass work on the song is great, though, so I've got no complaints that they're playing it. :D

EDIT2: "Harmonomicon" is an interesting choice. I'm surprised they didn't lose the crowd a little with that one. It's very mellow, and IntrOnaut is known for blowing the doors off when they play live.

TheNobleFaceHumper 06-13-2013 10:55 AM

^ even though STS have been around longer than AAL lol

Personally even though I love both bands I think STS are better because they have a much tighter sound.

I saw AAL for the 3rd time on the Meshuggah tour and at that point I was bored of their performance and just wanted it to end after Wave Of Babies.

slapguitarer 06-13-2013 01:02 PM

I actually might not go if I don't get anything from Prehistoricisms, even of they got Nostalgic Echo

MPF 06-13-2013 01:22 PM

I was going to go to this show but no one got back to me about interviews. i was going to do one with Mouth Of The Architect, but never heard back, and usually with STS they respond back to me, but this time nothing.

Intronaut...that's a whole different discussion I shouldn't get into publicly.

But it did sound like a great show, despite it being at the Garage. Hopefully since it wasn't promoted by The Garage, all the bands actually got paid. :lol:

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