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adamclark52 06-10-2013 11:33 PM

Machine Head -- Toronto, Ontario -- September 28th, 2007
Machine Head
Support: Arch Enemy, Throwdown, Sanctity
Date: September 28th, 2007
Venue: the Opera House in Toronto, Ontario

I really only went to this show because it was on a Friday. Iíd never heard Throwdown or Sanctity, Iíve never liked Arch Enemy and I used to like Machine Head in the time before the Burning Red, but Iíd heard that their newest album was really good (the Blackening).

Sanctity sucked. Whatever. I think they broke up a year or two after this. Throwdown were okay. The crowd was going apeshit for them. All I could think was ďwow, their singer really wants to be PanteraĒ and that their guitarist looked really out of place. Then they played a cover of Sepulturas [I]Roots[/I], which was really weird. I was totally expecting them to play [I]Fucking Hostile[/I].

Arch Enemy Iíve never been able to get into and this was no different. I just canít get into them. I've never been a fan of their vocalist and she was really annoying when she was talking between songs. She was more-or-less yelling and all I heard was distortion. When she rose her hand up and yelled louder the crowd cheer along. I don't know what she was saying but I guess she was making some sort of point. The band was tight musically but watching this show I just watched Mike Amott and thought how much better Carcass was and how much I missed that band. Less than a year later Carcass played the Opera House.

[U]Arch Enemy[/U]
1. Blood on Your Hands 

2. Ravenous 

3. Taking Back My Soul 

4. My Apocalypse 

5. Revolution Begins 

6. Dead Bury Their Dead 

7. I Will Live Again 

8. The Last Enemy 

9. Enemy Within 

10. Nemesis 

11. Snow Bound 

12. We Will Rise 

13. Bridge of Destiny

I was ready for anything at this point and Machine Head came out and tore the roof off the place. The last Iíd heard of them was the Burning Red album. So the band that played that night was not that band. I couldnít believe how much they had improved. I did want to hear some stuff I recognized from their first two albums and wasnít too impressed with what they did play. There are other songs off those albums that I like a lot better ([I]Ten Ton Hammer, Death Church)[/I]. But I became a Machine Head fan again when they played [I]Halo[/I]. On album that song is awesome but to hear it for the first time at a wild live show is a totally different experience. So after this was done I checked this new album they had just released out and was re-sold on Machine Head. Iím glad theyíve been able to better themselves and if any band deserves success on their level itís them.

[U]Machine Head[/U]
1. Clenching the Fists of Dissent 

2. Imperium 

3. Aesthetics of Hate 

4. Old 

5. Halo 

6. Take My Scars 

7. Descend the Shades of Night 

8. Davidian

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