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EvilCheeseWedge 06-09-2013 05:17 PM

"Studio" Show Off...
Hey folks, so this weekend I spent a few bucks at IKEA and decided to finally create a better work space. I'm a law student and work as a law clerk and IT administrator, so I needed a setup that was: cheap, had lots of room for tech, lots of room for spreading out documents, and lots of room for musical instruments (of course!) So, [url=http://imgur.com/a/ufvpl]here's what I came up with it.[/url] That opens a full album view, but here's an overview:


Anyways, I've never had a setup nearly this nice, so suffice to say I'm excited. And now that I'm done with it, there's no time left in the weekend to use it! D'oh! :bliss:

*Just as a disclaimer that framed [i]Operation: Mindcrime II[/i] poster is a relic from when I pre-ordered the album. I think it's a cool poster, and it's up until it gets replaced with something else. It's not up as an endorsement or love gesture towards either the band that created it, or the album itself... Behind it is a framed Iron Maiden Trooper poster, and a bunch of Dio stuff. But overall, I'm lazy about my wall art. And this new setup made my crap off center. D'oh...

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