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elturtleboy 06-06-2013 01:38 PM

Power Of The Riff 2013

christopher 06-06-2013 01:41 PM

I wish they got Saint Vitus instead of the Obsessed.

Onioner 06-06-2013 02:20 PM

[QUOTE=christopher;529640]I wish they got Saint Vitus instead of the Obsessed.[/QUOTE]

I don't! FUCK YEAH

mankvill 06-06-2013 03:54 PM

What an odd line-up

elturtleboy 06-06-2013 05:02 PM

[QUOTE=mankvill;529652]What an odd line-up[/QUOTE]

Mixed bills for life!

christopher 06-06-2013 05:15 PM

[QUOTE=mankvill;529652]What an odd line-up[/QUOTE]

This is always a really random line up.

Rocco44 06-07-2013 12:14 AM

I've seen Saint Vitus a few times so I would love to see The Obsessed. I just hope they are playing the first night otherwise I won't be able to go.

energymetal14 06-08-2013 09:12 AM

PLEASE From Ashes Rise east coast dates!

brutal_descent 06-08-2013 11:59 AM

Hopefully SF gets some juicy off-dates.

mankvill 06-13-2013 03:18 PM


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