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kevindeets 05-24-2013 07:21 PM

For The Fallen Dreams -- Toledo, OH -- May 21st, 2013
[B]Sworn In[/B] was the first band I saw. I saw them about a month ago, and they were solid once again.

[B][U]Sworn In setlist[/U][/B]
The Opportunist
A Song for the Nameless
Let Down

Next up was [B]Gideon[/B]. This was my 2nd time seeing them, and they were probably the best band of the evening. I bought both of their CDs at the show.

Next was a band I'd never heard of from Italy called [B]Upon This Dawning[/B]. I liked 'em, but most of the crowd did not. After about 4 songs, a fight broke out between their fans and the hecklers, so they stopped their set.

[B]Hundredth [/B]came out and DESTROYED as usual. They're just a fantastic live band.

[B]For The Fallen Dreams [/B]headlined. The crowd went crazy for them as expected. Tons of stage dives & sing-alongs. They played mostly songs off of CHANGES, which was great, For me, though, the highlight was the new song "Substance." That song is fantastic. I also always love hearing "New Beginnings."

[B][U]For The Fallen Dreams setlist[/U][/B]
New Beginnings
December Everyday
Substance (new song)
Never Again
Last Dying Breath
Parasite ([B]Legend[/B] cover)
The World Around Us
Two Twenty Two
Brothers In Arms

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