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PVH5150 05-17-2013 09:52 PM

ZZ Top -- Hampton Beach, NH -- May 17th, 2013
ZZ Top & The Ben Miller Band
La Futura Tour 2013
Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
Legitimate sellout of 2,200

The openers, The Ben Miller band, are a trio from Joplin, MO. Very interesting group. The bassist used a piece of wire attached to a metal bin on one end and attached to a stick at the other end. The vocalist, in addition to normal vocals and telephonic vocals, also played guitar, banjo and harmonica. The drummer also played the trombone, mandolin and a clothes washboard. Yes, a clothes washboard. I didn't catch any of their original song titles but I do know that they played a fantastic cover of The Animals' "House of the Rising Sun". Definitely gonna look into these guys more. They played from 8:00 to 8:35 and got an amazing reaction from the sellout crowd.

After a half hour wait, the holy trinity of Texas took the stage at 9:05 and went almost nonstop until the final note of Tush at 10:35. The Reverend Willy G started off the night with a heavily modded candy purple Fender Telecaster, then switched between 2 vintage sunburst Les Pauls and finished up the night with the furry white Grestch and a korina Explorer with a V headstock. The sound was great all night, instrument wise. I would've bumped up the vocals a bit, but I'm not gonna complain with a wall of Gibbons tone in my face. All in all, great night out.

1. Precious and Grace
2. Heartache In Blue
3. Waitin' For The Bus
4. Jesus Just Left Chicago
5. Flyin' High
6. Pincushion
7. Heard It On The X
8. I Gotsta Get Paid
9. Gimme All Your Lovin'
10. Blue Jean Blues
11. My Head's In Mississippi
12. Nasty Dogs & Funky Kings
13. Certified Blues
14. Chartreuse
15. Sharp Dressed Man
16. Legs

17. Tube Snake Boogie
18. Viva Las Vegas
19. La Grange/Sloppy Drunk/Bar-B-Q
20. Tush

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